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Microsoft wins again – OOXML stays as a standard

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The International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) has rejected appeals by four countries to reject Microsoft’s Office Open XML formats as an international standard, and since no further appeals can be made against the decision – the OOXML format can start to be re-worked to operate with Open XML, a file format used with Brazil, India, South Africa and Venezuela launched appeals to the decision, but failed to get the support […]

India and others launch appeal of OOXML ISO recognition

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Microsoft’s Office Open XML may lose its ISO recognition after India, Brazil and South Africa launching an appeal against the decision, a standards agency said on Friday. The Head of the IEC, or the International Electrotechnical Commission, Jonathan Bucks said that the "appeals were filed during the course of the week," to AFP. The IEC and fellow agency the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) will now spend 30 days evaluating […]

Office 2007 is not compatible with OOXML

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Microsoft now has some explaining to do after a document standards specialist has said that the latest version of Office does not conform to the latest OOXML (Office Open XML) standard. Alex Brown, the leader of the ISO group in charge of heading the OOXML standard, has said in a blog post that the Office 2007 does not meet the latest specifications of the draft standard after being handed over […]

OOXML no longer with Microsoft

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After Microsoft was given the green light for its OOXML standard to become an official standard, it will now see the ISO taking control over the format, and has put it in the same group responsible for running the OpenDocument Format, its rival. The next six months, according to Ars Technica, will see an ad hoc group drafting and deciding a new plan to maintain the format; while a second […]

OOXML becomes ISO standard

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The new Microsoft file formats, Open Office XML (OOXML), have succeeded to be an international standard, with the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) scheduled to release an official announcement today. Once that is final, the development of the file formats will be handed over to the members of the ISO, which has 100 countries being represented, including Australia. It’s official name is now known as Draft International Standard (DIS) 29500. […]

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