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Another Olympic-themed gadget – this time its a phone

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While the Olympics may be over, the products keep on coming, especially when this one is a Chinese mobile phone that is based on the Water Cube. From its slightly unusual keypad, and its design pattern, it does have a lot of features like tri-band GSM connectivity, dual camera and media playback. Now lets get to the obnoxious feature of a “3D interface”, but that could (and has to be) […]

Beijing 2008 gadgets still roll on – National Stadium is now an MP3 player

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And we thought things could not get any worse. A new MP3 player has been released in China, shaped in the Beijing National Stadium – also known as the "Bird’s Nest". And it has to be said that it is crap! The player, according to the store that is selling it, can support "MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV, etc" – last time I checked, WMV is a video […]

Lenovo rolling out Olympic-themed USB drives

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Lenovo, one of the sponsors of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, has rolled out several USB drives after launching one that is made out of the same material as that of the Olympic Torch – and has the patterns as well. There are three versions of the new set; the Mascot series (the ones that are pictured) – which contains 6 colourful 4GB units for around US$30 a piece, the Medallion […]

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