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NVIDIA announces Tegra K1 – the world’s first 192-core processor

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Well, expect this on your mobile phone or tablet soon. NVIDIA has announced the successor to the quad-core Tegra 4 processor with the Tegra K1. Based on the GeForce Kepler architecture, the Tegra K1 will feature 192 cores – all of them programmable and all of them running in parallel. “We brought the heart of GeForce and the soul of Tesla to the Tegra family,” Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, said in […]

Nvidia PhysX trailer reveals more gameplay for Batman: Arkham Origins

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In a new PhysX video by Nvidia we get a closer look at some more gameplay of Batman: Arkham Origins and how PhysX adds new features such as dynamic shadows, fogs and tesselation effects. Although the particle effects are a nice add on for PC gamers, the focus for me was on some of the new gameplay featured. While the majority of the gameplay seems virtually identical to the of Batman: Arkham City we […]

NVIDIA announces Project Shield gaming console – Tegra 4, Android and Steam included

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NVIDIA is announcing a new portable game console. Running vanilla Android, and obviously NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processor, it was revealed at the last few minutes of the press conference – much to the excitement of NVIDIA fans (one shouted “take my money”). “As a company, we’re really the only company in the world who has the processor technology, the system software technology, and the gamers within it to build devices […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 33: It’s Raining Tablets

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This week saw Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the number of tablets have expanded with Samsung, LG and HTC getting in the mix; while publishers are angry with Apple and Telstra gains some love with us with its announcement over 4G. We also get into a shouting match over the fact that processors are different – with Tom on one side and the rest of us on the other. […]

Acer’s 2011 notebook lineup unveiled at CES

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Acer Aspire AS8950G Laptop (Image: Acer) Featuring Intel and AMD’s latest advancements, Acer has unveiled its new laptop lineup for the new year at CES 2011. And, since we love being nice, we have piled up the entire list of laptop announcements into one blog post for you to scan and ease your gadget craving.

Dell goes 3D with new desktops and laptops

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Dell XPS 17 – The first 3D laptop from Dell (Image: Dell) Dell is about to join the long list of computer makers to have added 3D to their desktops and laptops, as it plans to have three desktops and laptops to allow customers to view their 3D content on their screen. And yes, you will need to wear the glasses.

System on a Chip Architectures coming to Microsoft

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Today at CES before Microsoft’s Keynote at 6.30PM pacific time, Microsoft have announced that the next version of Windows, Windows 8, will support the System on a Chip Architecture from Intel, AMD and ARM based systems such as NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments. The System on a Chip Architecture will allow for operating systems and preinstalled applications to reside on the actual processor unit. The operating system should run as expected […]

Toshiba to release tablet – includes Honeycomb and dual-core Tegra 2

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Toshiba is soon to join the ever-growing tablet market with its latest addition to its product line, its yet-unnamed tablet computer for the US market (as we know). The 10-1.inch display will feature Android version Honeycomb (the exact number is not known) and will also ship with a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip with integrated NVIDIA graphics. It will also include a full-size HDMI port, two USB ports – one […]

Apple announces Bondi Store opening

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Apple is set to open the doors to its Bondi Junction store on May 28 – the same day the iPad will be released – at the good time of 8am. How do we know this? Well, a little invite popped into a message box with the details: The Apple Store Bondi is the best place to learn about all the latest products from Apple, including the magical new iPad™ […]

Aigo’s sexy tablet fills the the Slate hole – packs Tegra 2 and Android

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Look at that sexy design. No, that’s no mockup. It’s a new tablet from Aigo (or Patriot) with beautiful slate-like design. According to new details from China, it will run on the Tegra 2 processor from NVIDIA alongside a 1GB ARM Cortex A9 processor with 512MB of DDR2 memory, a 800 x 480 pixel touchscreen display and HDMI output. It comes with a 4GB, 16GB and 32GB options and will […]

ASUS announces new EeeTop PC

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You would have thought the Eee PC line would have died when all those other manufacturers started to make their impact in the netbook market? Well, you’re wrong. ASUS has announced that it will make a new version of the EeeTop PC, called the ET2010 – which has some features that goes a bit beyond what you expect from the lineup. The ET2010 is only 1-inch thick and features a […]

Verizon, NVIDIA show off the ICD Vega

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Looks like tablets are really getting popular at the start of the decade – mainly because of the Apple rumours. Now, another company we have never heard of has decided to launch their own tablet. Called the Vega by ICD, it is a 15-inch touchscreen table that will have a T-Mobile UK SIM card inside so you can connect to their 3G network. It will also have Wi-Fi connectivity. The […]

Rumour Mill : NVIDIA to buy large stake in Via Tech.

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Graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA is said to be in talks with Taiwanese chipmaker VIA Technologies to buy a significant amount of shares after VIA recently put 300 million new shares, ranging from US$0.27 to US$0.35 per share, according to website Digitimes. While nothing has not been said yet, a possible announcement for the candidates to purchase the shares will be named in a June 19th shareholders meeting. However, according to […]