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Both Koreas are developing EMP bombs that can kill everything tech

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Guess what, the Koreas are developing bombs. However, these bombs are not deadly and are not conventional. In fact, these bombs only target one thing – technology. These are called electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bombs, and can kill every single piece of technology within a certain range. While you are not afraid now, you should be. Because this is beyond cyber warfare, where attacks are carried out via the internet. This […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 8: Oh crap, my computer just crashed

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Blame Stewart for another late episode. Why? Because we had to wait for his precious iPhone to be reverted to an old version and jailbroken, which took 3 hours and 45 minutes after our original start time. Also, we’re still apparently recovering from our Election Night spectacular – if you can call it spectacular. Anyway, Tom leaves halfway in the episode because of typing disturbed some people and Stewart and […]

S Korea attackers extracted file lists from affected computers

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Attackers who coordinated the cyber attacks last week in the United States and South Korea are said to have extracted lists of files from computers that were used in the attack, according to police in Seoul, the capital, on Tuesday. The new findings not only show that the affected computers were not only used for attacks, but were used to steal data from unaware victims – adding to fears that […]

North Korea to get internet access on phones

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North Korea will be finally stepping into the 21st century after it was reported (by a government website) that internet access via their mobile phones will be turned on, allowing users to have access to news reports by the Korean Central News Agency and news about Pyongyang, the capital of the country. According to the Associated Press, the website – seen on an ordinary computer – will allow users to […]

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