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Nokia pushes an update for the Nokia N9 – “Over 1000 quality improvements”

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Image: Tom Solari/ You would never know this, but Nokia is still maintaining support for the Nokia N9 – the only MeeGo phone that it ever released before dumping the platform for Windows Phone 7. And this time, they pushed their third update that includes “over 1000 quality improvements”. What are they? Well, it doesn’t say except hinting that that the Mail, Facebook and Twitter apps were improved; and some […]

Nokia N9 hacked to run Ice Cream Sandwich

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Sunday afternoon. It is hot outside and in. I am at the computer surfing when an interesting image was re-tweeted by Steve Troughton-Smith. The image was of a Nokia N9 running the, what you might say, famous app, Talking Tom. The image caught my attention because of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich navigation buttons on the bottom of the screen which means Android 4.0 is now running on the Nokia N9. Alexey Roslyakov, […]

REVIEW: Nokia N9

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After waiting for so long, and getting a little sneak peak in July, we get our hands on the Nokia N9. It has a glorious design and an intuitive way of navigating. However, it is the first (and now, only) phone that will run its MeeGo OS. Does MeeGo fix the problems of Symbian, or will it make Nokia still irrelevant in this age of the Android and iOS platforms? […]

Report: Intel kills MeeGo “temporarily” due to lack of enthusiasm

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The Nokia N9 is the only smartphone in the village that is supporting MeeGo. A report has emerged that Intel is planning to discontinue development for the MeeGo OS due to the “lack of enthusiasm” from its hardware vendors to use it, and could now be looking at Android and Windows Phone 7. According to DigiTimes: In response, Intel said it does not comment on industry speculation or rumor. The […]

Nokia confirms N9 release date, coming to all carriers in October

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Image: Tom Solari/ We knew it was coming, and now we know when. The Nokia N9 is coming to Australia in October and will be available on Telstra, Vodafone and Optus. For Vodafone customers, the Nokia N9 will be offered on its “Vodafone Infinite” plan, while Telstra and Optus have not outlined their plans for the phone. Though, all three have expressed support for the phone – which is excellent […]

Gadgetlyst Bytes 7: Nokia N9, Raspberry Pi and redesigning game design…

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This month on the show we talk about the hands-on Tom had with the Nokia N9, the Raspberry Pi $25 computer and that ‘atom by atom’ game engine. Stewart and Tom have made a record, this being the second time in a row both them have been on the show at the same time. So don’t forget to subscribe and download and RSS and whatever else you can do. See you next […]

VIDEO: First Look on Nokia N9

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In this new edition of First Look,’s Executive Editor Terence Huynh shows you the new and much-hyped Nokia N9 and its brand new, gesture-based MeeGo operating system. But is it an improvement from Symbian? Even better, is it a worthy competitor with Google Android and Windows Phone 7? You can see the video after the jump. The video was recorded after a special media event hosted by Nokia about […]

GALLERY: Hands on the Nokia N9

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Image: Tom Solari/ Editors Terence Huynh and Tom Solari were recently invited to a special meeting with Nokia where they got a hands-on demo of the new Nokia N9 smartphone. Featuring an 8-megapixel camera, a 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM, the phone is scheduled for a release late Q3. In addition, Australia and the Asia-Pacific will be the first region to launch this device, and all major carriers […]

Nokia announces the N9 smartphone – finally gets into the game

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Nokia has announced its brand new smartphone, the Nokia N9, which promises to be an update to its much criticised user interface on one of its touchscreen phones, among other improvements that have allowed it to lag behind other competitors. The phone will feature no keypad or home button, thus allowing it to proclaim it to be the “First-ever pure touch smartphone” and a brand new body design made out […]