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Nintendo Wii U to come out in US on Nov 18, Europe on Nov 30

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Nintendo has revealed the release dates for the Wii U in North America and Europe, and like the Japan announcement, there will be two models – the Basic Set and the Deluxe Set. An Australian release date is expected to come out soon after the European Nintendo Direct. The Wii U will be heading to the United States on November 18, with the Basic Set to be priced a US$299 […]

Nintendo reveals Japanese details of the Wii U – launching Dec 8 for 26,250 yen

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Nintendo has revealed the Japanese release date and pricing; and also has revealed that the Wii U will come into two ‘sets’ – the Premium and the Basic set. The Wii U is to launch in Japan on December 8 with the starting price for the Basic set for 26,250 yen (or AU$322.20). The Basic Set comes in White, and will have 8GB of memory inside the body unit. The […]

Nintendo to announce new details on Wii U on September 14

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A new Nintendo Direct broadcast has been scheduled, and to happen the day after the Apple event on September 13, 3pm London time. Or for Australians, you will be able to stream it at midnight on September 14. The President of Nintendo of Europe, Satoru Shibata, will be conducting this broadcast; and Nintendo of Australia has said that Australasian-specific details will be released on the Australian website right after the […]

Nintendo announces Nintendo 3DS XL, launches July 28 in Japan, Aug 19 in US

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It may not be as successful as the Nintendo DS, but it hasn’t stopped them from releasing new hardware. At its Nintendo Direct livestream, Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata revealed the Nintendo 3DS XL – and it’s literally a bigger 3DS. An American release date was announced by Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aime in its own Nintendo Direct stream. Should be noted that if it does come to the Japan, […]

EA to announce more titles for Wii U “this summer”

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What potentially killed the Wii was the lack of third-party support for some of the major titles – Mass Effect 3, Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed are just some of the games that were made for other platforms, but not for the Wii. Well, for EA at least, that’s about to change with someone in the company hinting at a couple of new titles to be announced “this summer” (or, in […]

Nintendo responds: Miyamoto not stepping down

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Photo: Jon Snyder/ Update: Nintendo has told Reuters Japan that the reports of Miyamoto stepping down are false. Their official statement says: This is absolutely not true. There seems to have been a misunderstanding. [Miyamoto] has said all along that he wants to train the younger generation. He has no intention of stepping down. Please do not be concerned. Nintendo stock fell 2% after the report. Is Nintendo in damage […]

Nintendo 3DS event happening this Friday night

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Nintendo will be holding a press event this Friday night at 10PM (AEDT) the 21st of October 2011 from Japan. Andriasang, is reporting that the event is called the “Nintendo 3DS New Information Internet Presentation.” While there aren’t too many details, there will be a pre-recorded video package from Satouru Iwata, Nintendo’s CEO. The event is also expected to detail the upcoming November Nintendo 3DS firmware update and Mario Kart 7’s […]

Nintendo 3DS to go pink to attract the ladies

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I apologise for the title, but still it sums up what Nintendo is trying to get at. They have announced a pink colour version of the Nintendo 3DS at its Nintendo 3DS conference. Yes, pink. No sorry, I mean lightish red. A very, very, very lightish red in fact. Dubbed the “Misty Pink”, the colour scheme is attract – according to TechCrunch – the ladies to the brand. Yes, it’s […]

Nintendo confirms NES Games will get multiplayer – via update

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Nintendo has confirmed that the NES titles that will be part of its 3DS “Ambassador Program” (also known as “appeasing those who bought it early) will include additional features – including multiplayer functionality. However, it’s not coming out at first. These new additional features, as confirmed by IGN, will be part of an update to be release after September 1. However, how will it be implemented – such as, will […]

Nintendo 3DS receives price-drop, will now burn a smaller hole in your wallet

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The Nintendo 3DS in Aqua Blue (Image: Chris Southcott/ Nintendo has just announced a price cut for their less than successful portable console, the Nintendo 3DS. From the 12th of August the Nintendo 3DS will be available for AU$249.95, a $100 price cut. But if you bought a 3DS at launch, don’t be too sad. Nintendo is offering an Ambassador Program to people who bought the console at it’s original price. […]

E3 2011: This is the Nintendo Wii U

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Nintendo just announced the Wii successor, the Wii U. The biggest news from the Wii U is that the new console will have a large, resistive (we’re guessing by the stylus) touchscreen controller with two ‘circle pads’, a D-Pad, the classic Nintendo face buttons, a front facing camera, a gyro and accelerometer. And no, you will not need to get four different controllers if you have the Wii. Nintendo, the king of […]

Gadgetlyst Bytes 5: Cupcakes, Windows 8 and a Fight

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A $25 computer, Microsoft is making more money from Android and we find out Terence is a Nintendo fanboy and duels Chris over the Nintendo 3DS. All this and a tad bit more in this month’s edition of Gadgetlyst Bytes. This month’s edition sees the return of Terence filling in for Stewart and Chris joining us. Wait, what? I thought we have two people only? Are we changing the format? […]

Review: Nintendo 3DS

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The Nintendo 3DS in Aqua Blue (Image: Chris Southcott/ Almost 6 years after the Nintendo DS launched, Nintendo has come back with more portable goodness. But are the improvements, including the new 3D functionality, in the Nintendo 3DS enough to take 400 of your hard earned dollars? Or is it just another gimmick falling flat? The review by Chris Southcott is after the jump.

Konami announces latest PES title – PES 2012 for Xbox 360, Wii and PS3

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Football fans, another game is heading your way. Konami has announced a new title for its Pro Evolution Soccer line of football simulation with the PES 2012 that will be heading to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and the PC. The title was announced in a new video, featuring its Creative Producer, Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka. The game will also launch on PSP and the PlayStation 2, but noticeably […]

Nintendo: Next Wii coming in 2012, to be previewed at E3

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The rumours of a new home console from Nintendo have been officially confirmed by none other than Nintendo. The new console is scheduled for 2012, but Nintendo will preview the console at this year’s E3 on July 8th AEST. On July 8 they will also have a playable model of the system, as well as “more” specs. While no details for the new console have been made official yet, Nintendo […]