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Nintendo shows off a new DS… again

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Ahh… it looks like Nintendo is milking the DS again with the newly officially announced Nintendo 3DS at E3.  For all you Avatar fans, you will happily to know that 3D gaming has finally arrived, and without the clunkly glasses. The Nintendo 3DS has minor changes from the latest DS product – Nintendo DSi XL, with the change is weight, size and the screen size.  The Nintendo 3DS has decreased […]

Nintendo to bring out black-coloured Wii, Red DSi to Japan

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After having the White colour since launch, despite promises of having more colours when it was revealed – when it was called the “Revolution”; Nintendo will be bringing a black coloured version of the Wii to Japan. Along with this, there will be black-coloured versions of the Wii Remote, the Nunchuck and the Classic Controller Pro. It is expected to sell for 25,000 yen and is to come out on […]

DSi gets first flash cart – thanks Acekard

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We are hearing reports of a new flash cart that can allow owners of the new Nintendo DSi play their homebrew games, use Action Replay codes and storing save files; all thanks to the new Acekard 2i. The site also the DS Lite and the original Nintendo DS, which is great since it doesn’t mean that this is something that can only be used for the DSi. As usual (and […]

Nintendo unveils new Nintendo DSi, online store – coming on Nov. 1 in Japan

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Nintendo has officially announced the brand new Nintendo DSi, and according to our sources – it is to be 12 percent thinner. However, unlike the previous DS Lite, it will ditch the GBA slot entirely. As well, it will bring in two built-in cameras, one at the front and one at inside at the centre (with a rumour saying that one will be in VGA resolution). Also, the new DSi […]

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