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Nintendo unveils new Nintendo DSi, online store – coming on Nov. 1 in Japan

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Nintendo has officially announced the brand new Nintendo DSi, and according to our sources – it is to be 12 percent thinner. However, unlike the previous DS Lite, it will ditch the GBA slot entirely. As well, it will bring in two built-in cameras, one at the front and one at inside at the centre (with a rumour saying that one will be in VGA resolution). Also, the new DSi […]

Nintendo really does not like you hacking into their games…

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Nintendo has now declared war against five Japanese companies that make their lives helping users play DS games – let me rephrase that, they help users play DS ROMs that they got on the internet on their Nintendo DS. There is not a lot of information on the suit, except for the fact that it managed to get 54 other software makers with it in its lawsuit is pretty spectacular. […]

Wii becomes top-selling console in the US

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Nintendo has said that its very popular Wii console has become the top-selling video game console, a crown that has been fought by Sony and Microsoft. NPD Group reports that 666,000 Wiis were sold in the US in June, making the sales count in the country to nearly 10.9 million; eclipsing the sales of the Xbox 360 in the US, which topped the 10 million mark just earlier this year. […]

Limited Edition Pikachu DS Lite…

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Japan will recieve this limited edition Pikachu Nintendo DS Lite. However, more interesting, is the fact that you will have to come to the store in person and submit your name in a lottery. This DS is basically covered in Yellow, and will have a small Pikachu (or is that a Pichu) on the corner of the DS. The expected price is ¥16,800, or US$139. Image comes from Engadget

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