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Review: Pokémon Black and White

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For fifteen years, Pokemon has become one of Nintendo’s most recognised brands, rivalling that of Mario, Link and Donkey Kong. For its longevity, it has kept carrying over characters, but now Nintendo has seen its time to bury the hatchet with a massive overhaul to traditional game setup that we have known for so long. But do the modifications restore or tarnish the brand name?’s verdict on Pokemon Black […]

Nintendo brings out wireless keyboard, new Pokemon typing game

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Nintendo is trying to milk out more money from the DS before it is soon replaced by the much-hyped Nintendo 3DS. And its latest addition is something that we weren’t expecting – a QWERTY keyboard. And it’s for one game only – Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS. Yes, it’s another useless Pokemon game. The keyboard is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. However, the Bluetooth reciever is in the Pokemon Typing […]

E3 2010: Super Scribblenauts

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After the success of the first game, Scribblenauts, 5th Cell has decided to make a sequel.  Super Scribblenauts is using the same gameplay as the first game, using varies words to obtain a ‘starites’, a star shaped object to complete a puzzle. Unlike the first game, Super Scribblenauts has implemented adjectives into the game’s vocabulary.  Now you can finally get a purple monkey.  The adjective system will include over 10,000 […]

E3 2010: Another Pokémon Ranger game…

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For all you otaku people, there a new Pokémon game for you, Pokémon Ranger Guardian Signs.  As with all Pokémon Rangers games, in would involve you draw circles to temporary capture Pokémon (How fun…) to prevent a villianous group from taking over the world, and find a partner Pokémon. Well this game is no exception.  The villainous group will be called, Pokémon Pinchers. (How original…)  The partner Pokémon you get […]

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