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New 3DS and New 3DS XL coming to Australia and New Zealand first this November

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Well isn’t this a first. Nintendo Australia have just announced that the ‘New’ 3DS and 3DS XL will be launching in Australia and New Zealand this year, with a wider launch happening for other markets, such as the US and Europe, in 2015. While Japan will still get the portable console first, in early October, Nintendo detailed local release plans via an Australian Nintendo Direct video this afternoon. The release […]

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate “Under New Management” trailer reveals plotline

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Armature Studios’s latest trailer titled “Under New Management” for their upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate has revealed a very similar plot to that of 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum with a prison uprising at the notorious Gotham super prison. The PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS sister game to be released on the same day as Batman: Arkham Origins by WB Games Montreal sets the stage months after the conclusion to Origins centering around a uprising at […]

Nintendo announces Nintendo 3DS XL, launches July 28 in Japan, Aug 19 in US

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It may not be as successful as the Nintendo DS, but it hasn’t stopped them from releasing new hardware. At its Nintendo Direct livestream, Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata revealed the Nintendo 3DS XL – and it’s literally a bigger 3DS. An American release date was announced by Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aime in its own Nintendo Direct stream. Should be noted that if it does come to the Japan, […]

Nintendo 3DS event happening this Friday night

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Nintendo will be holding a press event this Friday night at 10PM (AEDT) the 21st of October 2011 from Japan. Andriasang, is reporting that the event is called the “Nintendo 3DS New Information Internet Presentation.” While there aren’t too many details, there will be a pre-recorded video package from Satouru Iwata, Nintendo’s CEO. The event is also expected to detail the upcoming November Nintendo 3DS firmware update and Mario Kart 7’s […]

All is not lost, Nintendo announces more 3DS games (in Japan)

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Screenshot of TEKKEN 3D PRIME EDITION (Image: Nintendo/Bandai Namco) Nintendo 3DS fans/owners/haters, don’t fret. Nintendo has announced some new titles – and some of them aren’t remakes. However, most of the dates we have now are only for Japan, but give or take a month or two and then you should get an European/US release date. Knowing some people, you may have heard about Chris Southcott’s pure hatred of the […]

Nintendo 3DS to go pink to attract the ladies

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I apologise for the title, but still it sums up what Nintendo is trying to get at. They have announced a pink colour version of the Nintendo 3DS at its Nintendo 3DS conference. Yes, pink. No sorry, I mean lightish red. A very, very, very lightish red in fact. Dubbed the “Misty Pink”, the colour scheme is attract – according to TechCrunch – the ladies to the brand. Yes, it’s […]

Nintendo confirms NES Games will get multiplayer – via update

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Nintendo has confirmed that the NES titles that will be part of its 3DS “Ambassador Program” (also known as “appeasing those who bought it early) will include additional features – including multiplayer functionality. However, it’s not coming out at first. These new additional features, as confirmed by IGN, will be part of an update to be release after September 1. However, how will it be implemented – such as, will […]

Nintendo 3DS receives price-drop, will now burn a smaller hole in your wallet

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The Nintendo 3DS in Aqua Blue (Image: Chris Southcott/ Nintendo has just announced a price cut for their less than successful portable console, the Nintendo 3DS. From the 12th of August the Nintendo 3DS will be available for AU$249.95, a $100 price cut. But if you bought a 3DS at launch, don’t be too sad. Nintendo is offering an Ambassador Program to people who bought the console at it’s original price. […]

Gadgetlyst Bytes 5: Cupcakes, Windows 8 and a Fight

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A $25 computer, Microsoft is making more money from Android and we find out Terence is a Nintendo fanboy and duels Chris over the Nintendo 3DS. All this and a tad bit more in this month’s edition of Gadgetlyst Bytes. This month’s edition sees the return of Terence filling in for Stewart and Chris joining us. Wait, what? I thought we have two people only? Are we changing the format? […]

Review: Nintendo 3DS

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The Nintendo 3DS in Aqua Blue (Image: Chris Southcott/ Almost 6 years after the Nintendo DS launched, Nintendo has come back with more portable goodness. But are the improvements, including the new 3D functionality, in the Nintendo 3DS enough to take 400 of your hard earned dollars? Or is it just another gimmick falling flat? The review by Chris Southcott is after the jump.

TECHGEEK Weekly 35: So much for #winning

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We give our take on the Apple iPad 2 announcement, find out Microsoft’s response to the tablet and see if 3D is a big gimmick on the Nintendo 3DS. As well, IE6 hopefully goes into the grave and Street View now on bicycles? You’ll have to listen and find out. A shorten edition today as Audition managed to crap out and lose the entire recording (luckily we only just started), […]

Try the Nintendo 3DS before you buy

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Are you thinking about buying the Nintendo 3DS, but want to make sure it’s awesome enough before you lay down $350? Well look no futher. We’ve got a list of the places where you can demo the next big portable gaming machine. Melbourne and Sydney Febuary 10th – 6.00pm to 9.00pm at EB Games, 67 Swanston Street Melbourne in the Nintendo Experience. Febuary 10th – 6.00pm to 9.00pm at Myer […]

Nintendo 3DS: Australian Release Date and Price

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Nintendo Australia has revealed information about the Australian (and New Zealand) release of the Nintendo 3DS. The pricing of the Nintendo 3DS in Australia is $349.95 AUD and for New Zealand $453.00 NZD. The date for the console release is the 31st of March 2011. Nintendo Australia has planned a tour around the country for people to experience the console first hand. This tour begins in Melbourne’s The Nintendo Experience […]

Nintendo: net profit down 74 percent; slashes Wii, DS sales numbers

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Sony isn’t the only one making an announcement.  Nintendo announced its earnings for the third quarter, and it isn’t pleasant reading. The company’s results showed that its net profit for the nine months through December dropped 74 percent. The company’s operating profit for Q3 sank 47 percent as it reported 104.6 billion yen (or US$1.3 billion), compared to the 192.3 billion yen same time last year. It failed to meet […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 29: New Blood Required

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While James and Stewart are out, we get Tom Wood – a former host of a former TECHGEEK Podcast incarnation – to help us dissect the news that Playboy is going to the iPad uncensored, the University of Sydney having a privacy headache and Steve Jobs has gone on medical leave – again. Tom Wood, who also happens to be a known advocate of cyber-bullying prevention, also finds himself doing […]