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Dead or Alive developers shows the new game

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Dead or Alive Dimensions, the upcoming game will be the first Dead or Alive game to be on a handheld system.  From the trailer many characters are returning to the series.  The trailer also shows the gameplay, which is the same as the previous one.  The game uses the touchscreen to show a movelist and allows beginners to allow use the combos with a slight touch. The new game will […]

Konami releases information on new game

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Konami has announced the first game for the Nintendo 3DS, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D.  The comment about the game’s release is based on the company wanting players to enjoy and experience the 3D experience. The gameplay has changed from the original game with camera views, called ‘Player View’ as it has changed.  With the Nintendo 3DS, the player can experience depth in playing the game instead of filling like […]

Super Street Fighter 4 3D information is unveil

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Super Street Fighter 3D was shown at the Nintendo 3DS conference in Europe.  The game will take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS’s ‘Street Pass’.  This mode will allow the players to play against each other with character figures. Once you have a character figure, the figures must be physical place in the ‘Street Pass’ Mode.  When the Nintendo 3DS’s ‘Street Pass’ communicates between the devices, the player to fight the […]

Nintendo reveals new information for Nintendo 3DS

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At the Nintendo press conference of the Nintendo 3DS Nintendo has unveil information about the Nintendo 3DS.  Aside from the pre-known information, such as the cameras and the circle pad; the new information unveil are the ‘spot pass’, located on the top right corner with allows the Nintendo 3DS to download content from the varies Hot Spot. When the ‘spot pass’ lit green, the player is alerted to download that […]

Kingdom Hearts 3DS gets new name

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Previous known as Kingdom Hearts 3DS, the game is now called Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.  As from the original name, the game will be released on the Nintendo 3DS.  The game will follow the two main character Sora and Riku and their adventures across the many Disney and original worlds. The gameplay will be similar to Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep in terms of controlling multiple characters.  The […]

E3 2010: Nintencats?!

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Well not actually, but something close.  As the Nintendo 3DS being announced, of course Nintendo would have made games for the new system.  The actual name for the game is called Nintendogs + cats.  As the name suggest the game will include both dogs and cats, a first for the Nintendogs series.  Unlike the prequel, the dogs and cats will react to the information being presented by the internal camera, […]

Pokemon Black and White: Starters & Trainers

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It is never too early to start picking out your kick-ass team of Pokémon for the new Pokemon games, even if it’s still quite a ways away from being released. Of course, the most important decision to build up a Pokemon team is two choose which of the 3 Starter Pokemons you begin your journey with. ‘Thanks to an image published in latest issue of CoroCoro (Japanese Magazine), you can […]

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