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Mortal Kombat X – Ermac Reveal trailer

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During their Mortal Kombat X stream, NetherRealm Studios revealed another Kombatant, showing off the red ninja, Ermac. He retains his force lift, teleport, hover, and gets a handful of new abilities that are good for set-ups and GREAT for spammers. His three variations are: Mystic, which gives him the Tele Lift and Tele Push abilities Spectral, which lets him fly and perform unique attacks in the air Master of Souls which gives him […]

HANDS ON: Mortal Kombat X gameplay is more gruesome than ever

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Hidden away from innocent eyes, behind a black curtain, was the Mortal Kombat X booth, showcasing the game’s updated visuals and brutal gameplay. The demo gave us access to all announced characters including the two recently announced fighters Kano and Quan Chi. Mortal Kombat has always emphasised the blood and gore with each iteration, with MK9 being one of the drastic changes in the franchise in terms of 2.5D gameplay and visuals. MKX has […]

Mortal Kombat X Announcement Trailer

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Ed Boon, Creative Director of NetherRealm Studios has announced “Mortal Kombat X” to be the 10th installment in the Mortal Kombat franchise. There were several signs leading to this announcement with a leaked promo poster, listings on Amazon, and cryptic tweets from Ed Boon, its great to see what game NetherRealm are working on for the past few years or so. The trailer features Scorpion and SubZero battling it out in a Snowy Forest environment, […]