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Budget: NBN cancellation would cost nearly $2 billion

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Photo: Kainet/Flickr (Creative Commons) BUDGET 2012: The budget has revealed the cost of cancelling the $36 billion National Broadband Network would see a $1.8 billion black hole –  something that the Coalition needs to accommodate in its budgets if it does go through and scrap the entire project. This stems from an agreement between NBN Co and the Australian Government that sees the government “in the event of a termination […]


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Image: m0php/Flickr (Creative Commons) Well lately on Delimiter, there has been a lot of talk about the NBN and what will form this National Broadband Network. Now yes, I am a NBN supporter, for obvious reasons. We all know Australia isn’t renowned for its internet access and this can be accredited to many things, but something needs to be done about it. Telstra’s network. Certain aspects of it have been in existence for several […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 41: Copyright THIS!

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Image: Fertala/Flickr (Creative Commons) New Zealand is about to get a three-strikes law that remains very controversial, in how it got passed and what’s in the law. The TECHGEEK Weekly Podcast discuss the impact it has, while also discussing about Android’s latest security flaw and the BlackBerry Playbook. Meanwhile, it looks like one post on our site is about to be a cause in an all-out staff rivalry – I’ll […]

Telstra compensation changed original NBN plan

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Photo: Kainet/Flickr (Creative Commons) A $15-$20 billion compensation payment to Telstra over its copper network appears to have drove the Labor government in building the current NBN plan in order to avoid such a payment. The revelations are to come out via a documentary airing on ABC1’s Four Corner’s program tonight.

Feature: Are Australian ISPs ready for IPv6?

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Oh no. The Internet is running of addresses! What shall we do!? Is this the end of the world!? Calm down, it isn’t the end of the world, it just happens to be a technical inconvenience as we already have a solution to fix the very problem called IPv6. But there’s already another problem: it hasn’t been readily deployed. As we face the last remaining blocks and addresses available on […]

NBN Corporate plan released – $24/month, a decade to roll out

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The National Broadband Network’s plan has been released to the public, giving many politicians an early Christmas present to find out more information about the $43 billion broadband network, and the NBN Co’s actual business plan. Wholesale pricing will start at $24 a month, with a fibre connection of 12Mbps download speed and 1Mbps upload speed. There will also be other pricing points for wholesale customers. but they have not […]

Greens refuse NBN briefing over non-disclosure clause

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The Greens have declined an offer by the Government to have a private briefing on the National Broadband Network after being told that they had to sign a seven-year non-disclosure clause before having the briefing. “It imposes a seven-year non-disclosure option, which would be voided for the material that the Government eventually does put into the public domain,” Senator Scott Ludlam, the Communications spokeman for the Greens, said.

Telstra structural separation bill passes lower house

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The Government has struck a major coup in its communications policy when the bill that would separate Telstra’s wholesale arm – which provides the copper lines to other telecommunications companies and internet service providers – and its retail arm has passed the lower house.

Pyne: Liberal’s broadband plan may change

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Remember that embarrassing $6 billion broadband plan that was going to simply patch up the existing copper wire network from the Liberals? Well, that may soon change, according to Christopher Pyne, talking to the ABC on Sunday. Just don’t expect it any time soon. “You wouldn’t expect our policies in 2010 to be precisely the same as 2013,” Pyne told the national broadcaster. “Refining means ensuring that our policies remain […]

NBN 100x Faster than Originally Anticipated

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When the National Broadband Network was announced, we were told that it would reach speeds of 100 Mbps but now NBN Co. has come out saying that the NBN will reach speeds of 1 Gbps meaning that the NBN will be 100 times faster than originally planned and just under 170 times faster than the average ADSL connection. Even though the NBN is getting a huge speed increase, the costing […]