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WordPress 2.9 beta to come out at the end of October

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While WordPress is still the best blogging software tool out there in the web, it is still being criticised for not being a “real CMS (Content Management System)”. But, it seems that will change once the 2.9 beta is released around the end of October with brand new features, according to Dougal Campbell. Campbell has said that the next version of 2.9 will include Post Thumbnails, meaning that an image […]

Former MySQL head leaves Sun

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The leader of the open-source database group, MySQL, has announced his resignation from Sun Microsystems, and has said that he will be leaving the company at the end of March. The MySQL database group is one of the fastest-growing businesses at Sun. Marten Mickos, who was chief executive at MySQL AB before being bought by Sun, will leave current role as senior vice president. He explained in a letter sent […]