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Review : Ping.FM – an easier way to post messages on Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

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If you are like me – an addict of social networking sites – then this site is a must-look. Ping.FM will allow you to post the same message on your friends over at Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, MySpace, and many other services. While it does not say anything to cure that crippling addiction to social networking – well for me at least – it is a very good Web 2.0 service. […]

Facebook & MySpace lagging in Japan – still

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According to comScore’s data which was released today; both MySpace and Facebook – the two most popular social networking sites in the US – are lagging in Japan by another social network, While Facebook is improving in market share, it still has less visitors than current market leader, – Facebook’s 538,000 to Mixi’s 12,738,000 visitors. However, Google’s Orkut is the most engaging social network with users users spending […]

MySpace to support OpenID

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MySpace users will now be able to connect to sites that support OpenID with their MySpace account, joining the already 120 million+ who currently have an OpenID in use. It will join Yahoo, Flickr, Blogger and AOL in using the new login standard. OpenID’s way of logging in is you type in a special URL, depending on which of your accounts support OpenID. They usually are just blogs, or links […]

MySpace : HTML for Beginners

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MySpace is a popular social networking site which allows you to customize everything – but that is not our tutorial for today. This tutorial is basically for the comments, where you can add images and change colours to text, among other things. But many, like new users, do not know what <b> means. So, TECHGEEK is pleased to bring out the basics of HTML. This tutorial is to be used […]

Vodafone & MySpace create mobile music platform

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Vodafone has struck a deal with MySpace to launch a brand new platform for your mobile, called Vodafone Music Reporter – allowing fans of its music events a chance to present a MTV show that will be shown online and on mobile. It will also see interactivity on MySpace profiles and hopes to expand Vodafone’s music activity, which includes summer festivals in the UK and Germany. Fans from Germany, Italy, […]

MySpace plans redesign next week

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Tired of that old, cluttered and really horrible coding on your MySpace page? Well, you may be in luck, as a new design is coming. The new design is part of a global redesign, in an attempt to widen its demographics and boost user engagement -following Facebook. As well, in what is called the largest scale relaunch of its size, it will change its homepage, navigation, profile editing, search and […]

MySpace expands in Korea

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MySpace has just expanded to Korea, trying to penetrate in a highly competitive market which is dominated by local social sites. The service owned by News Corporation, will have exclusive features that will not be seen on the US or any other international markets; like “minilogs”, a type of online notebook which users can make entries. The US-based site will face strong competition from the market leader Cyworld, which has […]

MySpace to launch music site with record companies

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In the latest effort by the music industry to stop losses, three out of the ‘Big Four’ have struck a deal with the social networking site MySpace to start a music website. As part of the deal, MySpace will spun out its Music service as an independent joint venture with Universal Music, Sony BMG and Warner Music. EMI, the forth major label, is not part of the deal but they […]

OMG MySpace Change!!!!

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OMG OMG OMG OMG MySpace change!! NOT Whats so good about myspace anyway? LOL. MySpace have had a design change, looks really good, sorta web 2.0ish. I’ve posted a screenshot below. Why don’t you take a look for yourself. There is a yellow bar at the top of the old homepage asking you to switch designs.

MySpace blocks non-Optus customers

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MySpace in Australia and Optus, who owns the exclusive rights, have now blocked users without an Optus account to the MySpace mobile version and redirected to the MySpace homepage, which is useless when on a mobile device. That’s great for me… but still, the loser is still MySpace because it’s not reaching everyone around Australia. It’s still stupid, but a very ‘good’ plan to ‘attract’ users to Optus.

LonelyGirl15 ends with a twist…

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LonelyGirl15 ended it’s year long season with a huge shock. Aired on MySpaceTV with 12 episodes per hour starting at 8:00AM, the character LonelyGirl15, or known as Bree, was killed off at the hands of a religious cult that chased her for her ‘life-giving qualities’ of her rare blood type. However, her death was not left in vain; with the character giving a post-mortem voice mail saying “The Order” is […]

MySpace on your mobile!!

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Thanks to OPTUS in australia, you can browse MySpace on your mobile for free until October 31st. The only down side to this is the GPRS charges. I signed up to the trial and decided to browse a bit. I found out that even though Optus is letting you use this for free, you still have to pay GPRS charges, I found that out when I got this message: “You […]

LonelyGirl15 Finale to air on MySpaceTV

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Though it’s popularity came on YouTube, the season one finale (according to Mashable) will air on MySpaceTV on August 3rd. As well, 12 episodes of the finale will come up, one for each hour (Episodes are about 1 – 4 Minutes in length). Also, a branded channel will be created.

MySex Offender?

By on has now found and deleted over 29,000 profiles of convicted sex offenders, more than 4 times the number of 7,000 initially reported by MySpace in May. The information has been turned over to law enforcement agencies. Carrying out this recent purge in profiles was complicated, due to records of the 600,000 sex offenders in the US are held in various states. Last year, MySpace made several changes to it […]


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According to Mashable, and we have verified it, that MySpace has been replacing every single ‘i’ with .. (two small full stops) no matter where you are. The only place where it won’t get censored is where the title is. And of course, every MySpace blogger has been outraged of this limitation. Well, I do have to admit, it is kind of stupid. Examples are here, here and here.

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