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Developer makes getting Myki compensation easier; Metro Trains rejects it

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In Melbourne, people who have a myki pass are entitled to get a refund if Metro Trains does not meet its performance targets. However, to get the refund, you have to print out a PDF form, write all the details and send it off. One developer found that to be a pain and developed a site, called MetroClaim, to make it as seamless as possible. Only one problem, Metro Trains […]

Thousands of Myki cards to be “deactiviated” as Metcard is to be scrapped on December 29

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Having a smartcard like London’s Oyster Card for an transport system is helpful – you don’t have to wait in line and keep purchasing paper tickets. But let’s say, your system is constantly plagued with problems, then it might be cheaper in the long run to actually build a new system that actually doesn’t have any of these stupid problems. Yes, we are talking about Myki and in the long […]

What Myki is missing – and how it could help solve the ‘tourist problem’

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If you haven’t realised, the Metcard is going to be scrapped in 2013. So that means, everyone must get a Myki card if they want to continue using the Melbourne public transportation system. But, while the card is fine, there should be another input method. One that could also solve the tourist problem that plagues Myki – your mobile phone. Think about this – simply use the Galaxy Nexus, iPhone […]

Go Card error leaves two people sacked as investigation starts

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Two call centre operators have been given the sack as an investigation gets under way on why a commuter’s Go card, Queensland government’s paperless ticketing system for its public transport network, was stripped of funds and the money transferred to another account belonging to a different commute. The commuter that was affected was Nick Smith, who works as a cameraman for Channel Nine. This incident has now raised questions on […]

Myki rollout to Geelong called a “success”

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Victoria’s long awaited, and delayed, ticketing system for its public transport network, known as myki, has officially been launched on bus routes along the Geelong railway station and other locations around the Bellarine Peninsula; and the Victorian Government has called it a success, and has not received a complaint yet – but that’s their story. The project. three years overdue and is $350 million over its original budget, is said […]

Myki delayed again – more money down the drain

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The Victorian Government has today announced an extension to its contract with the operator of the existing Metcard system, OneLink, until 2012 as the already overdue myki service may not see the light. The Transport Minister has said that the miki system, which costs $m500 million and was due to be released last year, was to be ready in 2010. The setback may cost taxpayers another $216 million to get […]

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