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The best things in life are free, especially if you’re downloading a movie

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$6. That’s the price I paid to rent the delightful Pixar production that is Wall-E. But, obviously, that’s not enough money for me to not be treated like a criminal, for me to actually watch the movie the way I wanted to, or even watch it at all in any way. Sure, it’s a rental, so I expect DRM. But even then, I would’ve had the same experience if I’d bought […]

Quickflix: online streaming will kickoff in 2012, new deal to be announced soon

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Quickflix – the Australian equivalent of Netflix – is said to announce a new distribution deal, and plans to increase its own content available for online streaming as it sees this year to be the year where streaming will kick off. Speaking to The Australian, its founder and chairman Stephen Langsford said that he believes the company could lead the entertainment rental industry towards online and digital distribution, rather than […]

Final Cut Pro X Available June

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Turn off the rumour mill: here are the facts about the new Final Cut Pro. Today the National Association Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas held some reserve time for a 7PM (local time) presentation from Apple to unveil its new Final Cut Pro software, dubbed: Final Cut Pro X (10). The cost? $299USD (or about 284.789028 Australian Dollars). Yes, thats right. Its just $299 for the full package, no more Final […]

Gamer makes Transformers All Sparks a reality – for his Xbox 360

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So, since we are heading towards a long weekend, why not post some gadget-craving blog posts, since we’ve been a bit slow on the gadgets news since CES (and trying to get back into the habit of blogging). We turn our attention to this All Spark from Transformers  – wait, what? Isn’t that supposed to be fictional? Turns out, it’s real but not what you expect it to be. A […]

Peter Jackson seeks extras for The Hobbit

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New Zealand is set to become Middle Earth again as the next movie, and the prequel to the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit is set to be in production soon; and now, fanboys of the series can actually become extras in the film. Applicants need to send their applications via the old snail mail with a casting video, headshot and a full body shot; and have to be legally […]

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen…SPOILERS!!! BEWARE!!!

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The second Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen is said to be shown in Australian cinemas on June 26th 2009! SPOILERS!!! Here is some info about the new Transformers characters: Autobots Arcee: Was dropped in the first film, shown as a female Autobot that transforms into a pink motorcycle. She is 1 out of the 3 motorcycles in this film, the others, blue and purple. Jetfire: Previously a Decepticon, who […]

iTunes AU going to sell movies – in one month’s time

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APC Magazine has confirmed that Apple will be rolling out movie sales on the Australian version of the iTunes store within the next month. However, it looks like that it would favour Perth-based internet service provider, iiNet. iiNet is the only local ISP that offers unmetered downloads on iTunes downloads, which was introduced in April last year. iiNet’s Mark White has told APC that it would not change, even though […]

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