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HANDS ON: Mortal Kombat X gameplay is more gruesome than ever

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Hidden away from innocent eyes, behind a black curtain, was the Mortal Kombat X booth, showcasing the game’s updated visuals and brutal gameplay. The demo gave us access to all announced characters including the two recently announced fighters Kano and Quan Chi. Mortal Kombat has always emphasised the blood and gore with each iteration, with MK9 being one of the drastic changes in the franchise in terms of 2.5D gameplay and visuals. MKX has […]

E3 2014: Mortal Kombat X trailer reveals new characters and gameplay

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Sony showed off the very first gameplay video of Mortal Kombat X during their E3 Briefing today, revealing new fighters, dynamic gameplay with the new stage interactions, with X-rays and fatalities of course!Announced only a few days before E3, Mortal Kombat X will be the 10th installment in the franchise and plans to make the gameplay more dynamic and cinematic with interactable stages and objects, also introducing character variants, letting you […]

Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition coming to Australia!

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FINALLY!! Almost two years after Mortal Kombat was refused classification, NetherRealm have received approval that Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition can be sold on our shores. Given an R18+ rating for its “high impact violence, blood and gore, and moderate impact language and themes”, The Komplete Edition comes with ALL downloadable content, including four characters and classic skins. Being one of the most talked about games in the past year, Mortal Kombat […]

Microsoft Renews Killer Instinct Trademark

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KI fans rejoice! Microsoft has renewed its trademark for the classic, 90s fighting game. After waiting for a decade and a half, we can now look forward to a possible remastered version for Xbox Arcade, or even a long-awaited sequel. Did I mention Killer Instinct on the SNES was my favourite game of all time? Announced on Microsoft’s PlayXBLA, the company’s ‘legal eagles’ authorized this statement about the KI franchise “We have […]

Mortal Kombat 9 – Klassic Costumes

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After the release of the fourth and final DLC character, Freddy Krueger, all four DLC characters as well as four Klassic Costume packs are now available. It is unknown whether there will be more DLC characters in the future. These Costume packs are available after Downloading any DLC character: Skarlet: MK3 Cyrax and MK3 Sektor Kenshi: UMK3 Noob and UMK3 Smoke Rain: MKII Kitana and MKII Jade Freddy Krueger: MK3 […]

Mortal Kombat DLC: Freddy Krueger is the 4th DLC character

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Hinted in Skarlet’s Video Biography Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain were announced as DLC as well as a mysterious character. Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street series, is the fourth DLC character to be released by NetherRealm Studios, joining the cast of fighters with his razor gloves and his plain creepiness. Modelled after the ‘new’ version of Freddy, his signature striped shirt, hat, gloves and creepy laugh bring a […]

Mortal Kombat DLC: Rain

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Despite the fact that Aussies still can’t get their hands on this amazing game, NetherRealm now presents their third DLC character, Rain. Being a purple ninja (a reference to Prince) NetherRealm Studios have done a great job in designing Rain and adding him into Mortal Kombat 9 as DLC, which they should’ve put him in the original cast of fighters. Rain has the ability to control water, and is seen […]

Mortal Kombat: Xbox360 exclusives revealed!

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In 10 days time, the new Mortal Kombat will be released everywhere except Australia (Booo!) but hopefully we will get this game sometime this year. As it was revealed, PS3 users were given an Exclusive character, Kratos from the God of War series, and an exclusive DoW themed map. This angered Xbox 360 fans as they got nothing, not even a demo. Rumours have now surfaced, saying that there might […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 37: Kicking in the Front Seat

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We’re back with a new episode, and while the tech industry is at a standstill, the Internet gets a red-light district, and the Zune bids adieu. Meanwhile, the week has been dominated by security flaw after security flaw, and Rebecca Black infects our Chris’ mind with the weekend. We also wonder why 13-year olds are driving cars, and Internet Explorer 9 is finally out – and Stewart hates it. Why? […]

Mortal Kombat appeal unsuccessful, Still banned in Australia

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As the latest Mortal Kombat is to be released next month, the publisher Warner Bros. Interactive have announced that the ban for Mortal Kombat for Australia still stands, and will not be released due to their unsuccessful appeal. The Australian Classification Board is convinced that Mortal Kombat’s fatalities and graphic gameplay exceeds their highest video game rating, and has rejected Warner Bros. appeal, to try and get Mortal Kombat into […]