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Mortal Kombat: Xbox360 exclusives revealed!

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In 10 days time, the new Mortal Kombat will be released everywhere except Australia (Booo!) but hopefully we will get this game sometime this year. As it was revealed, PS3 users were given an Exclusive character, Kratos from the God of War series, and an exclusive DoW themed map. This angered Xbox 360 fans as they got nothing, not even a demo. Rumours have now surfaced, saying that there might […]

Mortal Kombat appeal unsuccessful, Still banned in Australia

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As the latest Mortal Kombat is to be released next month, the publisher Warner Bros. Interactive have announced that the ban for Mortal Kombat for Australia still stands, and will not be released due to their unsuccessful appeal. The Australian Classification Board is convinced that Mortal Kombat’s fatalities and graphic gameplay exceeds their highest video game rating, and has rejected Warner Bros. appeal, to try and get Mortal Kombat into […]

Mortal Kombat may be modified for Australia + Challenge Tower

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Creative Developer and Video Game Programmer Ed Boon, is the creator of the Mortal Kombat series and has revealed alot of information prior to Mortal Kombat 9, such as gameplay, character leaks as well as friendships and other Brutalities in the game. On the 28th of February Ed Boon tweeted announced that there may possibly be a censored, edited version of Mortal Kombat coming to Australia. Tweeting: [blackbirdpie id=”42056262216712192″] Although […]

Mortal Kombat Ban Update + We Dare?

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It has been under a week since the Australian Classification Board had refused classification for the upcoming, highly anticipated Mortal Kombat game. There have been many cases where publishers whose games have been banned from sale have successfully changed the board’s decision by submitting a modified, toned down version. Even though these modifications are being made, most greatly affect gameplay and make the game less enjoyable. In the case of […]

Mortal Kombat Banned in Australia? &#%@!

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On the 24th of February, The Australian Classification Board made their final decision about the upcoming game Mortal Kombat 9 after receiving the game on the 15th. It has been concluded that “the game contains violence that exceeds strong in impact and is unsuitable for a minor to see or play” and therefore will not be released in Australia. A statement was receieved from Warner Brothers saying: The highly anticipated […]

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