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Samsung announces two new HD monitors – Series 7 & Series 9

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Samsung has announced two new monitor lines – the Series 7 and Series 9. The Series 7 will come with two models, the Series 7 Smart Station and the Series 7 HDTV – the latter being an actual TV; while the Series 9 promises crisp picture quality. The Series 7 Smart Station features a 27-inch LED display, and the base includes a wireless dock, letting notebook PCs, peripherals, network and […]

Taiwanese company sends $1.5b threat to Apple over iPad name

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A contract manufacturer of monitors from Taiwan has threatened Apple with a potential lawsuit over the iPad name that could carry damages of up to US$1.5 billion, claiming that the so-called “global trademark” for the popular device does not include China. The company, Proview, claims that it has kept the rights of the iPad trademark in China, while selling the “global trademark” to Apple – though, it was through a […]

LG goes LED with new monitors

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Move over LCD, LED is starting to pick up. LG has announced that it will release the E50 Monitor series, which will become LG’s flagship monitor series for LEDs. Coming in 20-inch, 21.5-inch and 23-inch sizes, it features a new technology called “Dual Screen” that automatically divide the screen to view two programs at once – though you could do the same thing by the “Show Windows Stacked” function. The […]

Big 43-inch curved monitor is going to leave a huge hole in your bank account

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Turns out, that monitor above has a 43-inch LED screen – and no, this isn’t a Photoshop job. Called the CRVD Curved Display, it has an aspect ratio of 32:10 and has a native resolution of 2880 x 900, and its dimensions are only 530 x 1055 x 386 mm (LxWxD). The biggest selling point is that the monitor is curved, which I don’t know why, but it sounds like […]

NEC’s 43-inch monitor to go on sale in July

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NEC is set to bring out its new, 2800×900 pixel resolution, 43-inch monitor in July. So, if you have US$7,999 left in your bank, and waiting to be spent – well, this should be the main thing you should buy. While this may put a dent into your family budget, but hey, as Sunrise says – “Reject the Recession”. The monitor has a HDMI 1.3 and DVI-D connector, has a […]

Samsung to bring out 22-inch monitor, compatible with NVIDIA 3D Vision

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CES 2009 : And you thought ViewSonic was the only one? Samsung has added the 2233RZ, it’s first 3D monitor, to its monitor lineup, and similar to the ViewSonic, it will be compatible with the new GeForce 3D Vision from NVIDIA. It will also have the same frame rate, at 120Hz, as the ViewSonic’s one. The only downside to the 3D graphics, like almost every other 3D viewing experience, is […]

iZ3D brings 26-inch 3D LCD monitor to CES

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CES 2009 – According to Engadget, iZ3D will be bringing a 26-inch prototype of a 3D LCD monitor to CES 2009. The company already has one LCD that is similar to this prototype, its 22-inch 3D LCD monitor. As well, it will have on display the Immersion Series, which “places a trio of the iZ3D monitors together in order to better simulate flights and races”. It is also expected that they […]

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