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Microsoft’s Eagerly Anticipated Game: Minecraft Dungeons

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Minecraft took the world by storm in 2011 as the blocky 3D sandbox game that quickly became engraved into the minds of gamers around the world. Developed by Mojang Studios, along with its creator, Markus “Notch” Persson, the game sold over 200 million copies on multiple platforms, as well as harbouring 125 million users to date.  What made the game so popular is that it’s a completely sandbox video game, meaning there is no […]

Minecraft saves will transfer from Xbox 360 to Xbox One

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It has been confirmed that your save data on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft will transfer over to the Xbox One version of the game. With over 12 million copies sold on the Xbox 360, this is definitely huge news for those who have spent countless hours playing on their 360 worlds, also great news for the guys at Achievement Hunter. Phil Spencer from Xbox says “After months of teaming […]