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Kinect modded to play Angry Birds

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Well after it was revealed that the Kinect could be modified to do almost anything, a whole new community has emerged to try and hook things up to see if the Kinect could recognise the gestures. And now, we have seen some of the results of their mods – one of them happens to be Angry Birds. Using some software – called the KinEmote, which allows your gestures to be […]

Screw the colour white – iPhone 4 now gets a clear case

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Most phones come in a range of vibrant, or dull, colours – just not smartphones. The iPhone 4 is an example of that, only offering those who want the device in black or white (there are ways, however, to get colour casings for the phone). But what about one that is, well, transparent?

Mod transforms Xbox 360 into a portable device

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Ever got that feeling that you want to take your Xbox 360 with you but don’t want to use someone else’s TV, cables or speakers; or you are somewhere that you can’t get a battery source? Well, Benjamin Heckendorn (the same guy who created the 3 versions of the Xbox 360 Laptops, the Wii Laptop and the portable PS2 system) has made an Xbox 360 Portable. But it looks like […]

DSi gets first flash cart – thanks Acekard

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We are hearing reports of a new flash cart that can allow owners of the new Nintendo DSi play their homebrew games, use Action Replay codes and storing save files; all thanks to the new Acekard 2i. The site also the DS Lite and the original Nintendo DS, which is great since it doesn’t mean that this is something that can only be used for the DSi. As usual (and […]

Introducing a very, very small Mac Pro Ultra

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A guy has managed to turn a dead 13” inch MacBook into a the “Mac Book Ultra Mini”. After receiving the dead MacBook – after its owner poured water over it – he then took it apart, re-soldered some connections and put it all in an external hard drive case to make it look like the Mac Pro Ultra – the high end Mac product. Turns out it also acts […]

Windows 7 on a MacBook Pro

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First it was Vista, but now Windows 7? Geeklog has now posted up pictures of their installation of Microsoft’s new operating system on the latest MacBook Pro. However, they could not connect to the internet, even though they had the Boot Camp disk, and various features from Windows 7 were disabled. Though, it seemed fun. You can read the entire post here.

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