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2011 – A Year of Many Things: A recap of the big events of the year

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The year 2011 was one year that we will all never forget. Even though they were all in the beginning of the year, the floods in Queensland and Brazil, the earthquakes in Christchurch and the tsunami in the north of Japan are still present in all of our minds. We also saw the death of a tech luminary, Steve Jobs; and the powerful News Corporation losing its influence over politicians […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 5: Filter Us. We dare you!

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We are joined by Cupertino Loop‘s editor and (questionable) impressionist of Julia Gillard, James Wilson, for this week’s episode of the TECHGEEK Podcast – where we talk about the iOS 4 jailbreak, Apple no longer acting like a schoolgirl from high school, Liberals support for no filter and BlackBerry banned in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Sorry for the (if not apparent, disregard this) broken episode, mainly because James Wilson decided […]

Yahoo alleged to have Iran names of 200,000 bloggers during protests

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This post has been updated. A new report has claimed that Yahoo had collaborated with the Iranian regime during the election protests that happened in the country in June, passing emails and personal information (i.e. names) of some 200,000 users living in the country. The report, from the Iranian Students Solidarity blog (in Farsi) and later repeated on ZDNet by Richard Koman, mentions that Yahoo sent a representative in order […]

Telstra to provide free calls to Gaza Strip

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Telstra has said that it will make all calls made to the Gaza Strip between January 7 to 15 free as the ongoing fighting between Hamas and the Israeli forces continue, and families fear for their relatives safety during the conflict. All calls must be made with the 0011 970 8 prefix. "Telstra customers in Australia will be able to call free of charge from their home phones to check […]

New undersea cable severed, disrupts web traffic

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Telecommunication lines between Europe, the Middle East and Asia have been severed, resulting in lost connections via phone and the internet in the affected regions. This is the second time in this year when these cables have been cut, with the first happening earlier in the year, where two lines were only snapped – all in the Egyptian coast. According to the Associated Press, the cable between Italy and Egypt, […]