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Office 2008 for Mac due in January 2008

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Office 2008 for the Mac is set to be released soon, with it being launched in Australia on the 31st January 2008; with a mix of three versions. The full version of Office 2008 will contain Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Entourage. The ‘Home & Student’ edition will feature Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Entour… basically the same thing. How weird? The third version is called Office 2008 for Mac: Special Media […]

Google Gears up to battle up ‘Office’

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Google has announced Google Gears, an open source platform that will allow GMail or any web application offline. ZDNet Australia is reporting that Adobe is working with Google to help it become a global standard. However, an analyst from IBRS says that this new plan, even if it allows other applications, will not dent the global stranglehold of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft starts testing for Office 2008 for Macs…

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The new Mac version of Office, titled Office 2008 for Macs, will run on both PowerPC and Intel based devices and is compatible with the new standard that Office 2007 introduced this year. Microsoft have made some improvement, but we will see when the product is released. It usually takes Microsoft about 12-18 months to update Office for Mac; according to CNET It’s last version, Office 2004 for Macs, […]

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