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Cloud first, mobile first: Word, Powerpoint, and Excel come to iPad today

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Satya Nadella paces around a small stage in San Francisco. It’s only been 52 days since he became CEO, and yet he’s already been the man behind products his predecessor’s would have never touched. Office for iPad had apparently been finished for a few months now, yet it had been stuck in limbo, a scary admission that users might not switch to a Windows tablet just for one service. Today, though, Nadella stands […]

Microsoft finally releases Office 2013 details, public beta

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Microsoft has unveiled the details the next major update to its Office suite of products – Office 2013, and has also revealed plans to introduce a “home premium” version of Office 365. As well, the company has introduced the public preview of Office 2013, allowing users to try it out before its release date – which is still up in the air. Office 2013 brings an entirely revamped user interface […]

Office 15 video leaked, could SkyDrive and 365 be integrated?

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Within Windows‘ Rafael Rivera posted an interesting video that is the supposed introduction to Office 15 – the upcoming version that is meant to replace Office 2010. But as the video suggests, it is meant to go “where ever you go” – leading to suggestions that it could feature integration with Office 365 and SkyDrive. What is with this speculation? Well, apparently, the introduction says that you can sign in […]

5 THINGS TO DO when making a PowerPoint presentation

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I’ve seen my fair share of horrible PowerPoint presentations, and I’ve noticed that they tend to follow common trends. So, I’ve decided to compile what I see from these very bad (and often nightmarish) presentations with my very own knowledge of how I design presentations to give you a guide on the 5 Things To Do when you make are making presentation in PowerPoint. Also, while it is not included, […]

Microsoft begins Technical Preview of Office 15, goes public “this summer”

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The next version of Microsoft Office – dubbed Office 15 – has begun the Technical Preview stage of its development. This means a select number of users under non-disclosure agreements will be sending feedback on some of its new features and changes. Office 15 has been dubbed as the division’s most ambitious project, mainly because it will blur the lines of a physical and a web app. “With Office 15, […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 34: Two Girls, One Wii

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The little Wii gets a bit more intimate with a brand new game, Mortal Kombat banned in Australia and the MacBook Pro gets a little hardware revamp – and we make a big deal about it and the new Thunderbolt. Wait, what? That’s all this week on the TECHGEEK Weekly podcast with the return of James Wilson plus one guest – Matt Rossi. Who? Matt Rossi, a friend of one […]

Office for Mac 2011 reaches RTM stage

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Mac users who prefer Microsoft Office than iWork will certainly rejoice on this news. The latest version, Office for Mac 2011, has reached Release to Manufacturing or RTM stage, meaning that the entire development for the office suite is now complete. The suite, which is not as vast as the one on Windows, will feature the usual Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, it will ditch Entourage in favour for Microsoft […]

Microsoft to dump upgrades, trim retail editions for Office 2010

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Microsoft Office 2010, the upcoming edition of the popular office suite, is set to dump the upgrade version – which have a lower price so users who have an earlier edition upgrade to the new version. This comes after Microsoft released the pricing for Office 2010. As well, it has trimmed the number of retail editions from five to three – Home and Student, Home and Business, Professional. Office 2010 […]

Microsoft’s Word patent appeal fails

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A US Court of Appeals judge has upheld a $290 million jury victory against Microsoft for infringing a patent held by Toronto, Canada-based i4i in its Word program.This effectively means that Microsoft cannot sell either Office 2007 or Word 2007 unless they remove the infringing code from the program – well, from January 11 of next year. The patent in question relates to how specific algorithms is used to read […]

US Army plans upgrade to Windows Vista, Office 2007

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The US Army has announced that it will upgrade all of its computers to Windows Vista, as it offers to “bolster Internet security and standardize its information systems”, and will include a change from Office 2003 to Office 2007. All of this is expected to be finished by the end of this year, according to a press release. Around half of the computers have already upgraded to Office 2007, but […]

Microsoft to make next version of Office online

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CNET is reporting that Microsoft is set to make the new versions of its popular programs in Office – namely Word, Excel and PowerPoint, to be accessible online within a standard web browser. There will be two versions for the online suite; one for consumers via its Office Live, and another for business and enterprise consumers via its SharePoint services. The development of these online versions will be developed with […]

Microsoft wins again – OOXML stays as a standard

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The International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) has rejected appeals by four countries to reject Microsoft’s Office Open XML formats as an international standard, and since no further appeals can be made against the decision – the OOXML format can start to be re-worked to operate with Open XML, a file format used with Brazil, India, South Africa and Venezuela launched appeals to the decision, but failed to get the support […]

Microsoft adds new formats to Office

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Microsoft has announced that it will be adding new formats to its Office 2007 software, starting with the next service pack, Service Pack 2 – due in the first half of 2009. The new formats includes the Portable Document Format (PDF), XML Paper Specification (XPS) and its OOXML rival Open Document Format (ODF). This is not the first time since Microsoft worked with ODF, releasing a converter for Word users […]

British agency wants Office 2007 expelled

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The British Education Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA) has filed a formal complaint against Microsoft with the European Union, saying it has failed to support open standards in the latest addition of the Microsoft Office product line, Office 2007. It claims that the Office Open XML is not interoperable with software from other vendors, and wants the EU to compel Microsoft to support open standards. And this is not the […]

Office 2007 is not compatible with OOXML

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Microsoft now has some explaining to do after a document standards specialist has said that the latest version of Office does not conform to the latest OOXML (Office Open XML) standard. Alex Brown, the leader of the ISO group in charge of heading the OOXML standard, has said in a blog post that the Office 2007 does not meet the latest specifications of the draft standard after being handed over […]

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