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BREAKING: Microsoft, Yahoo announce new partnership on advertising and search

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After speculation of the future of Microsoft and Yahoo talks, both parties have announced that they have forged a new agreement that will see Microsoft’s new Bing search engine powering Yahoo, while Microsoft will hand off search advertising to Yahoo. The new deal, which is a huge coup for both parties, will allow Yahoo and Microsoft to compete with Google – as it no longer has to go through the […]

Microhoo not dead? Microsoft, Yahoo reported to have search deal talks

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According to the UK’s Sunday Times, Microsoft is reported to have started talks with Yahoo to acquire Yahoo’s search business for US$20 billion – proving once again, Microsoft cannot stay away from Yahoo. However, senior directors at both companies have not guaranteed that it will be a success. “Senior directors at Microsoft and Yahoo are understood to have agreed the broad terms of a deal, but there is no guarantee […]

Oh no – Microhoo still continues!

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And you thought it would be dead because Yahoo has a partnership with Google. Well, you were wrong as The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft has been looking for partners that would help make a new bid for Yahoo’s search business. The paper is also reporting that Microsoft has met with Carl Icahn, the board member that’s leading the way to replace the current board, and urged him […]

Microsoft back in talks with Yahoo on new deal

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Microsoft has said that it is now back in talks with Yahoo that would see a brand new deal that would not involve a buyout. In a statement released today, it has said that it was considering a new deal after the software giant walked away earlier this month from its US$47.5 billion bid to bid the web company. "In light of developments since the withdrawal of the Microsoft proposal […]

Microsoft/Yahoo merger not going to happen

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Microsoft has now dropped its three-month bidding bid to buy Yahoo because the two sides cannot agree on the price. Steve Ballmer, the chief executive for the software giant, formally withdrew the offer to Jerry Yang, the chief executive of Yahoo, in a letter. Microsoft is said to have raised the offer to $47.5 billion, or $33 per share, from its original offer of $44.6 billion. But Mr Ballmer has […]

Yahoo rejects deadline from Microsoft

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Yahoo has announced that it has rejected the three-week ultimatum to accept the takeover offer from Microsoft. In a letter sent by Roy Bostock, chairman of the board, and Jerry Yang, the CEO, said that they “continue to believe that [their] proposal is not in the best interests of Yahoo and [it’s] stockholders”. This continues to be a cat and mouse game, with Microsoft now will be taking the deal […]

Microsoft sets deadline for Yahoo deal

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Microsoft’s chief executive has warned the Yahoo board on Saturday that if a merger was not completed in the next three weeks, it will offer the deal directly to its shareholders, at a lower price. The warning, from an e-mail acquired by TechCrunch, also says that without an agreement that it would seek to oust the current directors. “If we have not concluded an agreement within the next three weeks, […]

Microsoft evaluates bid for Yahoo

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Microsoft is currently evaluating its bid to buy Yahoo after saying that Yahoo may have lost value, according to sources telling Reuters. The news of the re-evaluation saw Yahoo’s stock down by more than 5 percent after extended trade on NASDAQ. The source told Reuters that it has lost value after losing valuable key personnel, while giving pay rises to executives and full-time employees. Yahoo’s board of directors have rejected […]

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