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Japanese PM starts tweeting, opens blog

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First Kevin Rudd, then Barack Obama and now Yukio Hatoyama? Hatoyama, who is the current Japanese Prime Minister, has decided to join a long list of politicians who are hoping to gain some youth creditability by launching a blog and tweeting – especially when his government’s support rating has dipped after taking control from the long-running Liberal Democratic Party of Japan in September last year. His blog, titled Hato cafe, […]

MSN no longer blue, adds Twitter and Facebook

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Microsoft has revealed its updated design and logo to its homepage, hoping to stay relevant in a battle between Yahoo and AOL. The site, though not receiving the same amount of attention than Bing or its Windows Live services, still remains a significant source of traffic for both sites and a crucial part of Microsoft’s online division. The redesign, that has been in the works for months, will see […]

Twitter rolls out Lists feature … very slowly

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Twitter has rolled out its Lists feature today, though don’t expect it to come to you anytime soon. Only a few people have been given access to the feature; and I was lucky to get it, along with ABC774 Melbourne. Basically, the feature allows you to create lists of your friends and share them to the public or even privately, and though it may sound silly, if you have over […]

Twitter brings out new feature – Lists

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Despite being a very useful tool in keeping up with breaking news, it seems that people don’t know where to find interesting users, mainly because they are afraid of adding them or don’t really have anything to say. While there are many tools that do that job for you, but that means you have to go to another site outside of Twitter. Well, until now. Twitter has announced a brand […]

Twitter releases new design, more customisable

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Twitter, the popular microblogging site (which has an account up to allow you to follow the news), has released a brand new redesign, with new tools that allow you to customise your profile and a brand new profile design – which includes a sidebar.

News in Brief: Twitter buys tweet search engine

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Twitter has made its first acquisition, buying the search engine Summize. Summize would also see five out of six employees being Twitter employees, the one who is not is its founder Jay Verdy, who has departed the company to work on a "new project". Silicon Alley Insider has put the value of the deal at around $15 million, with the transaction being mostly in stock. The search engine is used […]

Review: BlurbEM!

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BlurbEM! – Another Twitter wannabe? (Screenshot: Terence Huynh/reawaken Media) BlurbEM! is one of the sites that have submitted itself to a recently announced, non-backed by CNET (or CBS), competition by Molly Wood for a Twitter alternative. Some short information about the competition: She will use the service for 30 days and will get all of her friends and Buzz Out Loud listeners to try it out. Tom Merritt and Leo […]

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