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Michael Bay mini-meltdown gets Taiwanese animation treatment

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I never thought I’d live to see a Michael Bay tag on TechGeek. And I also didn’t think that the¬†mini-meltdown, seen during Samsung’s CES 2014 keynote, would be animated in classic¬†Next Media Animation style so quickly. In case you missed it, in a traditional CES celebrity endorsement, Michael Bay, director of Transformers and other mindless action-blockbusters, had a mini-panic attack on stage when his autocue failed. Rather than “winging it,” […]

CES gold: Michael Bay’s autocue fails, he walks off stage at Samsung keynote

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Don’t be surprised if this is cut from Samsung’s CES Keynote replay… Michael Bay, director of Transformers and other action-blockbusters, was just on stage at Samsung’s CES 2014 keynote. And then he freaked out and left. There to promote the new curved UHD TV from Samsung, Bay obviously had issues reading an autocue, which was feeding him dialogue. Rather than “winging” it like he had hoped, Bay instead spiked the […]

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