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USB memory sticks – Utility or fashion accessory?

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I recently received an email containing several pictures of USB memory sticks, or Flash Drives as they are sometimesknown.  But these weren’t your average personal storage or transport of important information……these were novelty! A search then ensued and I was astounded by the different amount of odd and also useful styles. Check out my findings after the break.

Review : Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5K

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Who would have thought that a HD camera could be so small these days? First the Flip does it and now many other competitors are lining up trying to take a stake in that market; and Sony is no exception with its Bloggie camera line – the model we got is the MHS-PM5K, and we did a piece on it during our CES 2010 coverage. Now it has landed in […]

Sony brings out SD memory cards … wait, what?

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Sony has announced that they will be bringing out five SD/SDHC memory cards, and three microSD/microSDHC memory cards – and yes, we’re not kidding. The company known for pushing its own memory standards will bring out the SD cards in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacity and microSD cards in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacity. Pricing ranges from $14.99 to $159.99 for the SD cards, and $14.99 to $44.99 […]

Sony, SanDisk to bring new Memory Stick PRO, Micro formats

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CES 2009 : Sandisk and Sony have announced two new expanded formats for the Memory Stick series. Called the “Extended High Capacity”, this expands the Memory Stick PRO series to achieve a maximum storage capacity of 2TB, and the new Memory Stick HG Micro, which is the extended version of the Micro format, to have data transfer speeds of 60MBps. Licensing for the new formats is set to be “scheduled […]

PSP Firmware 5.01 to fix Memory Stick problems

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So, Sony has admitted that they screwed up in Firmware 5.00 for the PlayStation Portable. Though they included the PlayStation Store and direct downloads, there happens to be a glitch when people using high-capacity Memory Sticks (mainly the 8GB or 16GB cards) were being reported as being full, when they were really lots and lots of free space in them. Sony has said that an issue will be coming soon. […]

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