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New Zealand govt rocked with election donation scandal, Kim Dotcom named

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Kim Dotcom has been caught up in a political scandal that is plaguing the National-led coalition in New Zealand, with allegations that a minister may have broken election laws by not disclosing Dotcom’s donation to his unsuccessful mayoral campaign. Yes, I know we haven’t looked at what’s happening across the Tasman for a long time. The minister, John Banks – who is the Minister of Small Business and leader for […]

MegaUpload’s Kim Dotcom may get seized property back after filing screwup

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A New Zealand judge has declared the seizure of cash, cars and property from MegaUpload’s CEO Kim Dotcom as “null and void” and having “no legal effect” after New Zealand police filed the wrong order to conduct the seizure. According to the New Zealand Herald, a temporary order has been granted but Justice Judith Potter is still determining whether or not to allow the return of property, or grant a […]

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom bailed, extradition hearing could be delayed?

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MegaUpload’s founder Kim Dotcom has been granted bail, according to several reports from New Zealand. The North Shore District Court found that since the authorities froze all assets, he was incapable of fleeing the country. “Since that time, all known assets have been seized and are unavailable for Mr. Dotcom’s use or disposal,” Judge Nevin Dawson said. “No new assets or accounts of any significance have been revealed since his […]

MegaUpload, Pirate Party to sue FBI for users’ lost files

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The Pirate Party in Catalonia and MegaUpload have announced that it will file a joint complaint against the FBI over their decision to seize the company’s assets, which meant users’ files were lost – some of which were copyright infringing, but many others were note. The Pirates in Catalonia, in collaboration with the Pirate Parties International, claims that it has caused “incalculable damage, far in excess of the losses claimed […]

MegaUpload Trial: NZ politicians question Kim Dotcom’s resident status

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Opposition politicians in New Zealand are calling for an inquiry on how MegaUpload’s founder Kim Dotcom managed to acquire residency status, despite having a fraud conviction for insider trading in Germany. Dotcom managed to acquire residency in the country under the “Investor Plus” category after investing $10 million in government bonds for more than 3 years. Immigration New Zealand said that he disclosed that, and based his residency application on […]

MegaUpload Trial: Kim Dotcom’s bail reserved, will be decided on Wednesday [UPDATE]

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UPDATED: The MegaUpload extradition trial has begun in New Zealand, with the founder of the file-sharing site Kim Dotcom seeking bail to be with his pregnant wife. However, Dotcom will now wait until Wednesday to hear if his application is approved. The decision for his bail application was expected to be made this afternoon by Judge David McNaughton. He has now reserved his decision until Wednesday. “Given the breadth of […]

MegaUpload goes back up (sort of); CEO denied bail and could be extradited

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MegaUpload’s short-lived takedown has been shortlived with the site reportedly back up online – just not in a typical way. In addition, employees of the company – including the CEO Kim Dotcom – were denied bail by a New Zealand court. The site does not have a domain name, and access to the site is via an IP address. However, at the moment, the site is currently showing text. In […]

BREAKING: MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom arrested in New Zealand. US Justice Department: ‘organized criminal enterprise’

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Will.I.Am in a recent MegaUpload YouTube video. If you’ve been trying to get onto MegaUpload or any of their subsidiaries, you might want to look elsewhere. Kim Dotcom (yes, that’s his real name) has been arrested in Auckland, New Zealand after the United States Justice Department filed charges against the company, calling it an “international organized criminal enterprise allegedly responsible for massive worldwide online piracy.” Along with Dotcom, three other MegaUpload […]

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