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Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Trailer Revealed

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Following the waves of mulitplayer DLC, Bioware released a trailer for their upcoming single-player DLC entitled Omega. The upcoming plot revolves around the ‘Pirate Queen’ Aria T’Loak and her goal of reclaiming and liberating the Cerberus-controlled space station – Omega. The trailer is after the jump. Previously, Omega was one of the main ‘hub worlds’ of Mass Effect 2; which Commander Shepard would partake in various missions. The DLC will […]

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut now out

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After the numerous fanboy complaints about how the game ended (and a complaint to the US equivalent of the ACCC and other weird things because some fans really hated the ending to the game), Bioware announced that it will add more to the story to clarify the ending. Now that “Extended Cut” version is now out today. In order to experience it, owners are advised to download the DLC and […]