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Nintendo responds: Miyamoto not stepping down

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Photo: Jon Snyder/ Update: Nintendo has told Reuters Japan that the reports of Miyamoto stepping down are false. Their official statement says: This is absolutely not true. There seems to have been a misunderstanding. [Miyamoto] has said all along that he wants to train the younger generation. He has no intention of stepping down. Please do not be concerned. Nintendo stock fell 2% after the report. Is Nintendo in damage […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 37: Kicking in the Front Seat

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We’re back with a new episode, and while the tech industry is at a standstill, the Internet gets a red-light district, and the Zune bids adieu. Meanwhile, the week has been dominated by security flaw after security flaw, and Rebecca Black infects our Chris’ mind with the weekend. We also wonder why 13-year olds are driving cars, and Internet Explorer 9 is finally out – and Stewart hates it. Why? […]

Mario… a First Person Shooter?

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Ever wonder what happened if Super Mario Bros became a first-person shooter? No, me neither. But now, you can now imagine it. The people from Facerocker have modelled and animated what would happen in Mario became all Wolfenstein on a Goomba’s behind. Yes, I know. Those references were a bit too much. You can see the video after the jump. (via Boing Boing, via Facerocker)