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Competing with free: Navman partners with Nokia to bring their GPS lineup into the cloud

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With more and more Australian’s trading in their dumbphones for smartphones, all-in-one devices that continue to replace entire product categories, it isn’t hard to assume that a dedicated GPS is irrelevant in 2013. If a smartphone, which is on you at all times, has a GPS inbuilt, surely all that’s needed is a free app and you’re ready to drive. To convince non-believers otherwise, TechGeek and a number of other […]

Google Maps restored for Windows Phone devices

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Stewart Wilson / Google have completely back flipped on their decision to block the use of Google Maps on Windows Phone devices after a huge uproar from the Internet community. Through a statement provided by Google to The Verge, Google say they are “working to remove the redirect” that they had put in place. The full statement from Google is: We periodically test Google Maps compatibility with mobile browsers to make […]