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Malware included in HP USBs

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HP has said that it had released some USB sticks for their Proliant server brand which may contain malware that could allow an attacker to take over an infected system. The USBs affect a numerous amount of models of the Proliant line and are only contained in the 256MB and 1GB USB models. The malware has been identified as W32.Fakerecy and W32.SillyFDC. These two worms spread by copying themselves to […]

Russian malware gang vanishes

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A Russian gang that is alleged to hosting malware has vanished after their software disappeared from the web, says Trend Micro. The Russian Business Network, which was alleged to have been heavily involved in packing kits -development kits to deploy malicious software- suddenly dropped off the internet on Thursday, the Tokyo-based company said. Researchers from the Internet security company, Verisign, has said that RBN was able to offer “bulletproof” hosting […]

‘Click Here to infect your PC!!!’

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Didier Stevens created a fake ad to see who would click on his link. This was a test to see who would be stupid enough to click on a link that would say… Is your PC virus-free? Get it infected here. Surprisingly, 409 people did. Here is how he did this experiment… I bought the domain. .info domains are notorious for malware hosting. I setup a web server to […]