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Apple set to launch Leopard ‘Service Pack’

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After complaints over the Mac OS X 10.5 problems with Firewalls and Upgrading and most new (and old) features being a pain, AppleInsider has the scoop over a launch of 10.5.1 for Leopard. AppleInsider cite Apple that Apple has highlighted “Time Machine, Mail, iCal, Back To My Mac, Bonjour, AirPort, gaming graphics, networking and the Finder” as areas that deserve close attention. But that’s not all, early adopters have said […]

CONFIRMED : Leopard coming in less than a fortnight

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Apple has finally launched details about the new operating system called Leopard. It will be launched on October 26 at 6pm. If you want it now, you can pre-order it from the Apple Store. It will cost $158 (including GST) for a single user license and $245 (including GST) for a five-user license. The server edition will cost $598 (including GST) for a single user license and $1,199 (including GST) […]

iDelay… Leopard delayed to October.

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Yes… the new Mac OS X version has been delayed, but not by production problems. It’s because of the iPhone hype that caused it. However, a beta version will be released to attendees at the Apple Developers Conference. Apple said in it’s media statement that due to it’s sophisticated software that it is building took a lot of time while building the iPhone, as it is a fork in the […]

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