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Apple updates Mac Mini – adds Thunderbolt, new Radeon graphics

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In addition to Apple updating the MacBook Air in an overall refresh of the Apple Store, the company has also updated its low-end Mac Mini, giving it updated specifications, a new graphics card and Thunderbolt support. The updated Mac Mini will feature a dual core Core i5 or Core i7 processor (or a quad-core Core i7 processor when you chose the one with the Lion Server OS) and a new […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 17: Let’s squint for Amazon

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It feels like the longest episode so far, but it’s apparently not. Yes, the whole team is back… before they left again. However, not before we go through all the week’s Apple stories that managed to take up 15 minutes of the episode. Yes. You heard that. You might as well skip the 15 minutes. We talk about Skyfire, iBookstores and introduce a new segment called Gadgets. We are resting […]

Mac mini price drops

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If you’re thinking of getting a Mac, but want to start small Apple, hears you. They just reduced the non-US prices of the Mac mini from $999 to $899. While it still costs more than the US price (US $699), the reduction could be just enough for people to buy it as a secondary computer or for use with your TV.

Mac Mini Updated. Now with HDMI

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Yes folks, you heard right. The Mac Mini has been updated this week and now boasts the following tech specs: Unibody enclosure – now matches the new iMac and MacBook Pro lines Removable base – there is a cover that is under the base of the machine that allows for DIY RAM (SO-DIMM DDR3 SDRAM) Up to 8GB of RAM, 320GB or 500GB HDD space 3.6cm high by 19.7cm deep […]

New hardware from Cupertino? Possibly.

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Swirling around the interwebs is a lot of noise about Apple Inc. updating it’s iMac, Mac Mini and other various hardware tomorrow sometime [ Tuesday Californian time ]. Such updates include: – Redesigned plastic MacBooks – Redesigned “impressive” iMacs – Mac mini updates, including one based on Mac OS X Server – Multi-touch “Magic Mouse” – A multi-touch “trackpad gadget” for desktop Macs We’ll keep you up-to-date with any new […]

New Mac Minis to get two display standards?

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RUMOUR MILL : AppleInsider is reporting that the rumoured Mac Mini update will see not only a mini DisplayPort connector, first seen in the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros, but will also see a Mini DVI connector – and we thought that was dead. While the reason has not been clear yet, this is the first one (according to AppleInsider) to have two display standards since the PowerPC G4 in […]

Apple to release new Mac Mini in Macworld 2009?

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RUMOUR MILL : Apple is set to bring an update to the low-end version of its desktop computers line, the Mac Mini, at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco (which happens in January next year), according to a Wired report, quoting an anonymous Apple employee who contacted them. However, the source did not reveal any details about the Mac Mini other than the announcement, which is a bummer. The product […]

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