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UK police name Jake Davis as LulzSec’s Topiary

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The UK Police has named the teenager that they claim to be Topiary, one of the core people in the hacking ring LulzSec, despite controversy over whether if the Police have the right man. The man, arrested in the remote Shetland Islands, is an 18-year-old named Jake Davis. However, all we know about him is that he is apparently an avid chess player (according to Sophos). A quick search online […]

LulzSec and Anonymous: “We are not scared any more” of FBI

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Anonymous and LulzSec – who recently re-emerged after their 50-day campaign of hacking – has issued a statement addressed to the FBI and international law enforcement agencies, responding to an NPR article on the recent arrests of alleged members of the group. On Tuesday, the FBI arrested 14 people suspecting to be part of the hacking group and participating in attacking PayPal after the company shut down the account belonging […]

LulzSec disbands, ends the massive hacking campaign

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Image: chispita_666/Flickr Well that was, um, fun? LulzSec has shocked many with the announced that they will disband after 50 days of hacking big companies – such as Sony, Sega and Nintendo. “For the past 50 days we’ve been disrupting and exposing corporations, governments, often the general population itself, and quite possibly everything in between, just because we could,” it said in the statement. The company said that this was […]

Supposed LulzSec IRC chat logs released

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A British newspaper has acquired and released leaked logs supposed from a private IRC chat room purported to be LulzSec’s own chat room – the group responsible for several known attacks on Sony, Nintendo, Sega and more-recently, the Arizona State Government. According to the Guardian, the logs reveal that the group is obsessed with their name in the media – even sharing pictures of articles of the Wall Street Journal […]

Tip: How to know if your email account has been hacked (Updated)

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Image: Stewart Wilson/ Since hacking seems to be part of everyday now, there has never been a real way to check if your email account has been hacked – until today. A Sydney-based security researcher, Daniel Grzelak has developed a website which allows people to check if their email accounts have been compromised. The website uses a number of sources to search through and if it finds a match, it will let you […]

Suspected LulzSec member arrested in UK as census data stolen

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A 19 year old British teenager has been arrested after being suspected in having connections with, and possibly participating in attacks by the hacking group LulzSec – known for their attacks on the CIA, Nintendo and Sony. The teenager, from Wickford, Essex, has been detained after a joint operation with the Metropolitan Police and the FBI. He currently remains in custody for questioning, and is being held under the Computer […]


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In this weeks episode, we discuss Rebecca Black’s legal troubles with her song on YouTube, Microsoft’s monopoly of the IM market and the things that LulzSec do to, well…. make us Lulz. We also wish Terence a very very Happy Birthday. However, due to the Happy Birthday song being copyrighted we make different variations of the song. Remember, next week is our 50th episode. So be sure to subscribe via […]