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Research: Cheap, battery-operated jamming device can kill an entire 4G network

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The technology behind the 4G networks, LTE, has been found to be vulnerable to simple jamming techniques, with researchers proving their hypothesis by using a cheap, battery-operated jamming device aimed at a small portion of the LTE signal to take down an entire base station. The research, from Virginia Tech, notes that there are “about eight” weak points that can be used to jam an LTE signal. Normally, in order […]

Report: Samsung in talks to launch 4G Galaxy S III soon, on Telstra

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We could soon have another 4G phone on the way for Telstra. Samsung is reportedly in talks with Telstra to launch the 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy S III in Australia. If true, this would add more distance between it and Optus’ own network – which hasn’t even started up yet, and isn’t expected til the second half of the year. According to a tweet by CNET Australia’s Joseph […]

Optus launches 4G in Newcastle, ahead of capital cities roll out from mid-2012

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Optus’ awaited 4G network is taking shape, with the telco announcing that it will start 4G coverage in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley regions from next week. This announcement comes after Telstra’s announcement that it will be expanding its 4G network to the region. According to its media release, Optus will be offering these services for free to its customers residing in the areas. They will be used to provide […]

Are Australia’s 3G networks really 4G? It’s complicated…

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Apple has today claimed that Australia’s 3G networks are actually 4G networks if compared to international standards, and that our carriers have simply mislabelled them. And while we may ponder what was in their lawyer’s head when he made that statement, the 4G issue is, well, really complicated. First, let’s explore what each carrier uses. At a base level, all carriers support UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) as their 3G […]

Telstra announces 4G for Pre-Paid customers

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Launching today is the availability of Telstra Pre-Paid 4G and it’s the nations first Pre-Paid 4G offering. Customers will be able to use their Pre-Paid 4G stick in 4G coverage areas but also experience HSPA+ which allows a dual 3G connection. Telstra promises speeds up to 40Mbps on the 4G network. The USB stick is small in size and features a swivel USB connector allowing you to plug the stick in at any […]

HTC Radiant image leaks: a Windows Phone with LTE headed for Telstra?

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PocketNow has been sent a picture of a LTE Windows Phone for AT&T and, according to the source, Telstra, supposibly called the HTC Radiant. While it looks like the already available (in the US) HTC Titan, PocketNow’s “reliable source” has said otherwise. Originally, the Radiant name was trademarked by HTC in April 2011. But more recently, in more leaked news, the HTC Radiant was expected to be announced at CES 2012, […]

Telstra to launch first 4G smartphone from HTC in 2012

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On the heels of its 4G network roll out, Telstra has announced a brand new phone that will be able to use the very new network it launched. No, its not the iPhone. It’s a phone made by its rivals, HTC, and is coming out in the first half of next year. Dubbed the “HTC 4G” phone, Telstra is releasing very small details about the phone. Telstra, however, has confirmed […]

Telstra launches Australia’s first 4G network using LTE

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Telstra has announced that it will start offering products under its new 4G LTE service, that will see speeds ten times faster than those on 3G. The public offering comes after months of trialling the service with a small number of customers. For the capital cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, coverage will be within 5km of the GPO. To check if you’re covered Telstra has a coverage map showing […]

HP’s CES 2011 Laptop and PC Announcements

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HP Pavilion dm1-3010nr (Image: HP/Verizon) While we covered the HP Pavilion dm1 already in a separate post, the company has released plenty of other laptops that should get some mention at CES. PAVILION DM1-3010NR & COMPAQ CQ10-688NR While having names that are very unpronounceable, the company is touting these two computers as the first notebook PCs to be on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. The Pavilion dm1-3010nr will be less than […]

Altec Lansing brings out new powerful speakers

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The guys over at Altec Lansing have announced that the Octane 7 will soon be reaching Australian shores soon. The Octane 7 is a 2.1 speaker system that is meant to be used by Gaming PCs or playing movies or music on your laptop. It features a two 1-inch micro-drivers and a down-firing three-inch mid-range in each speaker, six and a half inch side-firing and separate controls for bass and […]

Microsoft reveals new Hotmail

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Hotmail is going to get some improvements soon as part of a major overhaul of Windows Live (dubbed Wave 4), including some brand new features in an attempt to compete better with rivals Yahoo and Google. A new feature is the ability to share photos and documents using web applications right in the email. Services like SmugMug, Flickr, YouTube and Hulu will be able to be seen with one click […]

Verizon, NVIDIA show off the ICD Vega

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Looks like tablets are really getting popular at the start of the decade – mainly because of the Apple rumours. Now, another company we have never heard of has decided to launch their own tablet. Called the Vega by ICD, it is a 15-inch touchscreen table that will have a T-Mobile UK SIM card inside so you can connect to their 3G network. It will also have Wi-Fi connectivity. The […]

Merry Christmas!

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On behalf of the writers at, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; and thank you for reading our blog. Who would have thought that in three years and more than two thousand posts later, we would be at this stage where we would be tackling discussing censorship and internet filtering… but then again, the decade was all about technology. So, hopefully, you all got […]

Mininova shuts tracker, goes legit with content delivery

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Mininova has announced that it will remove all copyright infringing material and use its site to deliver those under its Content Distribution Network, effective immediately, it said in a blog posting. Mininova was planning to install a filter under compliance with a  ruling by the Court of Utrecht that decided in favour with BRIEN, the industry group representing the recording and movie industries in the Netherlands before scrapping the idea […]

Time for a Brutal History Lesson

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Brutal Legend has just recently come out a week ago and before i review it, I’d like you to listen and learn about the culture of Metal. Heavy Metal as we know it started in the summer of 69’, referencing to the song of the same name. The most legendary of guitarists was famous that decade, playing at Woodstock and being recognized worldwide. His name was Jimi Hendrix. Also this […]

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