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IOC releases geoblock for London 2012 videos on YouTube

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Okay, the Olympics and Paralympics are over; but there are certain things that you want to rewatch. Unfortunately, the International Olympic Committee are notorious in keeping things off YouTube so it doesn’t annoy the rightsholders. However, the IOC have ended the geoblocking of events, letting everyone watch every event on demand, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. Well, at least for now. For all of the videos, you […]

Morning Briefing: Friday 17 December

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Welcome to the Morning Briefing for Friday 17th December 2010, where we highlight the tech stories from across the web and what we are watching here at Here’s what we are watching: Julian Assange is freed on bail by a London court. He vows to clear his name of allegations of sexual assault in Sweden and continue his work on the infamous site Wikileaks. After axing 4% of its […]

Apple Store, Covent Garden, London

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Apple Inc. Once a company operating from a garage shed. Now, it spans over 240+ retail stores worldwide, with the latest being Covent Garden in London. This new store is number 245, and now holds the title of “Biggest Apple Store in the World.” The YouTube video below, courtesy of ElectricPig, gives you an excellent idea of big it actually is. It’s is interesting to note that the flagship ‘cube’ […]