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REVIEW: Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia R200 Headphones

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After the success of Beats by Dr Dre, everyone is getting into the headphones game. And that includes car companies. Ferrari joins the long list of celebrities and brands to release a set of branded headphones, partnering with Logic3 to bring out two headphone lines all based on its popular cars. The Scuderia R200 Headphones is one of them – but are they any good? And are they worth the […]

REVIEW: Ferrari by Logic3 Cavallino G150 Earphones

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Partnering with Logic3, Ferrari is getting into the branded headphones game. Launching with two product lines inspired by its cars – with the G150 Earphones is part of the Cavallino line. But with a price tag of $229, are they any good? Most importantly, are they worth the price? Terence Huynh reviews.

Logic3 reveals Ferrari-branded headphones, speaker docks

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The Scuderia FS1 Speaker Dock The Ferrari brand is set to expand further from cars to headphones, apparently. Logic3 has announced that it has partnered with the Italian car maker to create a new range of earphones, headphones and iPod speaker docks. The products all promise high quality audio performance and beautiful design in order to capture the brand’s apparent “long-held passion and desire”. They will be split into two […]