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Twitter, Facebook attacks targeted known Georgian blogger

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Today saw denial of service attacks on well-known social networking websites MySpace and Facebook, micro-blogging site Twitter and other websites, leaving as many as 30 million users worldwide without access to Twitter alone. But reports are coming in is that the target was not the companies – but was an attack to one user who supports the Republic of Georgia. As of the time of writing, many users are reporting […]

The LiveJournal Incident…

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LiveJournal, popular with many fanfiction and rape survivor groups, have suspended more than 500 accounts. Users were outraged with this as LiveJournal was hoping to ‘protect children’ as some sites, like Warriors for Innocence, were promoting paedophilia, the sexual abuse of minors, and other illegal activities. LiveJournal have been popular with many fanfiction writers, including Harry Potter slash fiction. Creative forms of activism includes a group of “pro-fandom” with already […]

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