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Android-iPhone hack ready for download

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Remember that hack we reported on that had Android running on an iPhone? Well, now than just a YouTube video, with David Wang (or “planetbeing”) teaming up with PC World to write a guide on how to install Android on the Apple machine, and releasing the binaries of the files for the rest of us to try it out. It currently works for any first-generation iPhone or iPhone 3G and […]

iPhone hack makes running Android a reality

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I bet you, as readers on, that you wish that you want to experience the magic of Android – a phone where you can run almost any application that you want, especially those “porn apps” that the CEO of Apple said that you aren’t going to get on the iPhone (unless you use Safari, almost any restriction is bypassed with Safari). Well, now you can – without ever leaving […]

Interview: More questions from Nokia’s Purnima Kochikar

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We sent some more questions before we published our interview with Nokia’s Purnima Kochikar, Vice President of Forum Nokia; but we didn’t get them answered before today. So, here is (what we deem) Part Two of the e-mail interview with her. Q. The Qt UI framework makes it easier for applications to be built for both mobile and desktop computers. What do you see are the benefits of this, and […]

Interview: Nokia’s Purnima Kochikar

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This week saw Nokia hold a developer day in Sydney; and before the event took place, managed to get an e-mail interview with Purnima Kochikar, the Vice President of Forum Nokia – the developer community. We talked about Ovi and Nokia’s embrace of open source technology – as well as Symbian and Maemo/MeeGo. So, hope you enjoy this little interview. Editor’s Note: The questions were sent before MeeGo’s announcement; […]

Intel and Nokia to merge mobile OS to create MeeGo

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Intel and Nokia have decided to announce during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that they will be merging their not-yet-finished, Linux-based mobile OSs into one – and they have called it the MeeGo. While we don’t know which parts of Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo will be dropped or present in MeeGo, expect this to be (according to the press release anyways) a variety of devices, “including pocketable mobile […]

Nokia brings out first Linux smartphone – Nokia N900

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Despite a few leaks, Nokia has announced it will be releasing its very first smartphone that will be Linux-based (using its Maemo 5 software), and not its Symbian operating system. Coming out in October, the Nokia N900 is set to operate more like a computer and not a phone; with the Finnish company touting that the phone is, according to Executive Vice President, Anssi Vanjoki, “something that is fusing the […]

BBC iPlayer download feature now supported on Linux, Mac machines

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The BBC has created a version of the iPlayer, with its download functionality, that works on both Linux and Mac computers. After being allowed to watch the programmes that aired on the BBC online, users on both machines will now be able to download the programmes – however, they will still be encoded with DRM, but different than what is found on the Windows version. Working with Adobe for this […]

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