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LinkedIn CEO apologises for employees ‘appalling’ comments during their virtual town hall

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LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky was only days into his new role when he apologised for his staff who made “appalling” comments during LinkedIn’s virtual town hall of over 9000 employees from across the world, which is something you would expect on a local Facebook group comment section. The Microsoft-owned company hosted a virtual town hall meeting on Wednesday to talk about George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis and the racial inequalities […]

How to find out if your LinkedIn password was leaked or not

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Do you want to check if you’re one of the 6.5 million passwords that have been compromised by the recent LinkedIn leak? Well, a secure password checker has been released by LastPass to see if it was on the list. Basically, you type in your LinkedIn password – or, if you have changed it after news broke, your old one. It will then encrypt it with the SHA-1 hash, and […]

LinkedIn HACKED! 6.5m passwords reportedly stolen, company confirms data theft

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UPDATE: LinkedIn, the popular business-orientated social network, has been compromised with, reported 6.5 million passwords leaked out onto a Russian hacker website, and hackers are working on cracking the encrypted passwords. LinkedIn has confirmed today that “some” accounts have been compromised, but refused to speculate how much. “We can confirm that some of the passwords that were compromised correspond to LinkedIn accounts,” Vicente Silveria said on the LinkedIn Blog. “We […]