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Google reveals top searches of 2008 – “Obama” takes Google’s top fastest rising crown (in the US)

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Following a similar move made by Yahoo, Google has announced that results of its “Fastest Rising” and top search queries from its Zeitgeist; with results from worldwide, the United States and 34 other countries, including New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia (and if you’re scared about your privacy, don’t worry, Google says that no personal data was used). Barack Obama topped the “Fastest Rising” result in the United States; while […]

LHC computer system hacked

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If you already fearing that the Large Hadron Collider will bring the end to the world, it may be a bit more perilous than we thought. A team of hackers have successfully hacked one of CERN’s systems that is "one step away" from the main computer systems that controls the massive detectors. According to the Telegraph, the group, calling themselves the "Greek Security Team", left half a dozen files on […]

LHC is fired up… and we are still alive

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After activating the Large Hadron Collider, scientists at CERN have fired the first protons into a 27-kilometre tunnel that will see the next great step into understanding how our world was created. The US$3.8 billion world’s largest particle collider is below the Swiss-French border. It hopes that it provides the necessary power to smash the components of atoms to see how they are made. Skeptics, however, say that the collisions […]

It’s the end of the world as we know it (on Wednesday)

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OK, most of the people around the world – and most of the people that I know, are believing that the Large Hadron Collider from CERN may create a huge black hole that could cause the end of humanity as we know it. The machine, which will open this Wednesday, will allow scientists around the world to do many experiments, including smashing protons – hence the black hole theory. However, […]

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