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Apple to launch Mac App Store on January 7

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The Mac App Store, the desktop extension of the App Store found on the iOS devices, will open on January 7, 2011 in Australia, as part of a global launch of 90 countries – including the United States (because of the time difference, January 6) and New Zealand. The store will be similar to the iOS App Store where you can find free and paid applications in similar categories, and […]

Mac OS X Software Updates: Security, 27″ iMac CPU & Display Issues, Server Admin Tools

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With all the hubub with updates this month, Apple have given their OS a shakedown as well. Apple has recently released a large number of updates aimed at a variety of users. Snow Leopard (10.6.x) Users: Security Update 2010-003: Issues addressed include the recently discovered Zero Day vulnerabilities in Mac OS X and other security flaws. 6.50 MB download size Max OS X 10.6.3 v1.1 Combo Update (Client & Server): […]

Backup – the forgotten app.

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With today’s revolutionary technologies on Mac OS X, one application that has been around since Tiger and has remained faithful is Backup. This application was revolutionary when it arrived, providing powerful but simple backups to network storage, disc, iDisk or other external device. However, with Time Machine and more competitive software, Backup became the way of the dinosaurs. No more. Today, Apple released an update to Backup, rendering it version […]