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Lego to launch Mojang-approved Minecraft set

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Well get ready for some mind confusion.LEGO has announced that it will sell a Minecraft licensed construction set, meaning that you can build items now in the game and now in the physical world. Yes, the game that was based on the toy is being built by its maker. My head already hurts. Anyway, this was made possible by LEGO’s CUUSOO project, which lets you build your own LEGO sets. […]

TECHGEEK Podcast #22: It’s a series of tubes

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It’s the second to last show of the year! And we go off with some Wikileaks news, because that has happen to dominate the news, with all the hacking and arrests. Wow. As well, we discuss the new Facebook profile design changes, and the new Chrome OS laptop. We also find that Tom has had his internet capped, George Lucas is creepy, Steve Jobs has something he wants to say […]

Lego Mindstorms gets price reduced to $388, free shipping [Bargain Hunter]

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Got a kid that loves robotics, or want a child to take up the art of building little machines? LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (yes, its a very long name) aims to please. The Mindstorms brand has been long associated with robotics, and this one is no exception, with this box containing every piece to help him to reach that one step closer.

LEGO to bring in digital camera and other branded gadgets

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LEGO has announced, with Digital Blue, that it will bring out several LEGO branded kid’s gadgets to the market, including digital and video cameras, MP3 players and walkie talkies; and all of them will have the usual LEGO brick motif, but they will not be made out of the bricks, since that would be stupid and would be hard to piece it back together when its broken. These are coming […]

Geek Out : Introducing, a PC made out of a Danish toy

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Finally, something you can make that is geeky with Lego. (Image from Luke Andersen) In our second edition of Geek Out, we introduce the first, fully functioning PC made out of that popular Danish toy that we used to make a lot of things – Lego. Luke Andersen, a computer science major from Rensselar Polytechnic Institute, has built a PC that is completely made out of black Lego bricks. Designing […]

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