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LaCie wants you to buy a 1TB hard drive for nearly US$500 – because it’s a sphere

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Ever thought your USB drive was a bit too oblong-y (that’s probably not a word)? Well, LaCie has the answer for you – a 1TB USB 3.0 external hard drive, shaped as a sphere, designed by French silverware maker Christofle. Oh, and did we mention that it costs US$490? According to LaCie’s press release, the company handcrafts each individual device – and due to its round shape, it has to have a […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 20: The Big 2-0

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Yep. 20 episodes. We have actually made it this far, surprisingly, without being pulled from the internet because of our irrelevant and often nonsensical information regurgitation. Anyway, two million finds “She Loves You”, and we talk about Telstra finally being split up into two. Also, Farmville is no longer the King of Facebook applications and we get into a heated discussion of whether an iPad 2 will be out (I […]

LaCie brings out XtremKey, resistant to almost any thing

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You can place it on a flame that is 200°C, take it on a -50°C day or even drop it from five metres – and no, it’s not a brick. Turns out, it is a USB – in particular, the newly announced LaCie XtremKey. Offering industrial-strength protection, it literally is a USB inside a metal tube. According to LaCie, it is constructed with a metal alloy that is composed of […]

LaCie brings out 10TB network storage device

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LaCie has announced that it will be upgrading its 5big network storage device by creating a new 10TB version, among other new features – being the first company to bring out a device with that much of hard drive capacity. Among the new features includes support for Apple’s Time Machine and new multimedia functions that allows you to play your media on a Xbox 360 or PS3. It has also […]

New LaCie Ethernet Disk is 6TB, works with Apple’s Time Machine

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So, it looks like LaCie has a new ethernet disk that has six terabytes in capacity. I mean, that’s wow and all, but it doesn’t come close when the LaCie says that it is compatible with Apple’s new feature – Time Machine. While we don’t know if that is true or not, nor is it sanctioned by Apple, but with the press release saying that its “ability to work together […]

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