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Despite #KONY2012 fizzling out, makers outline new event on Nov 3

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Flashy-ad-makers-who-happen-to-spend-a-lot-of-money-that-really-don’t-highlight-the-cause Invisible Children is still pushing the KONY 2012 cause, despite it’s April 20th ‘Cover the Night’ event failed to get those social media clicks into real poster-pasting action. A new video posted highlights a brand new event organised on November 3. So, they just don’t get it. (Though, I’m assuming the video was made before the actual event) “We will take the next step. On November 3rd, this movement […]

From this to Kony 2012? Those other Invisible Children videos

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Kony 2012 might be the only video you may have seen from Invisible Children, but turns out there’s more. Only spending a third of their revenue actually in Africa, the other two-third happens to be spent on advocacy and making videos such as Kony – and also these other videos spread across Vimeo, YouTube and other platforms. The only problem is that they are hiding some of these videos – […]

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