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Throwback: Kingdom Hearts 2

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At the time, the concept of crossing over Square’s Final Fantasy series with Disney’s characters didn’t make a lot of sense. In fact, people were very skeptical about if it would even work. However, the release of the original Kingdom Hearts put every denier to shame as it turned out to be one of the greatest most ambitious crossovers in modern history.

Square Enix releases E3 trailer, screenshots for Kingdom Hearts 3D

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E3 2012: Square Enix has released some new screenshots and the E3 trailer for the upcoming KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance], for the Nintendo 3DS. For fans of the series, the game will see the return of all the voice actors, including Leonard Nimory. And yes, you read that right. This game is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Basically, the game sees the return of Sora and Riku and […]