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One button lets you join the pro-Wikileaks parade

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While Julian Assange has distanced himself from the attacks, the group known as Anonymous apparently haven’t heard that message yet and looks like they are actively recruiting members to join their attacks on those who are “anti-Wikileaks” by sending their servers down, thanks to a downloadable piece of software called LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon), which allows users to voluntarily connect to a botnet that is used to co-ordinate the […]

Fallout begins as 4chan starts defending Wikileaks

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The fallout has begun. Within hours of the news of the arrest of Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange, the notorious site 4chan has come out in support for the site in the usual way – by taking down its enemies’ sites. The site attacks are part of “Operation Payback”, which has also been used to coordinate attacks on the RIAA after anti-piracy lawsuits.

Julian Assange arrested by UK police

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It was always going to happen, and now it has. Julian Assange, the Australian behind Wikileaks, has been arrested by the UK Police. The 39-year-old elusive whistleblower was arrested at 9:30am London time, in relation to an European Arrest warrant issued by Sweden in relation to a sexual assault charge.